May 30, 2015

5 Exotic Apple Variants

Apples are The. Best.

Think I'm wrong?


I have a very real obsession with apples. My favorite varieties include Crispin, Pink Lady, Envy, Fiji, and Jazz apples, more or less in that order.

But here are some exotic apple variants you may not have heard of yet! I haven't even tried all of them yet, but hopefully some day.

1. Rose Apple
They're beautifully colored and between slightly sweet and mildly tart, but they're also very rare and thus quite hard to find!

The closest I've ever gotten to one is Instagram and no, that doesn't count.

2. Mountain Apple

Native to Hawaii, these fruits are pear-shaped, apple-sized, and have a mild, sweet flavor and crunchy, often juicy flesh.

They sound awesome, I guess I'll just have to go back to Hawaii to try some!

3. Pink Pearl Apple

They're crispy and tart to sweet-tart, but the real appeal is the beauty. Isn't that such a pretty color?

4. Caimito, aka Star Apple

It's soft, sticky, and apparently doesn't taste like a normal apple!

I'm curious.

5. Custard Apple

Love apples? Love bananas? Custard apples are the illicit love child of both in flavor!

They're also a lot easier to find, at least here in NYC, than the other varieties, so there's that.

What are your favorite exotic fruits?

Have you tried any of the apples listed above?

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