May 2, 2015

Vacation Every Day!

Guys, it's May. MAY.

Wasn't it 2014 yesterday? Spring snuck up on me and now it's already almost summer!

I can't wait for my summer. I have so many fun plans and, while I'm going to miss NYC like crazy while I'm gone for pretty much the entirety of this summer, the change of pace and scene will be fun.

I'm spending June in Boston and July in Germany, then back to NYC in August. Since this is my last month in the city, before my temporary departure, I'm making the most out of it! With this lovely spring weather, that includes taking full advantage of my NYC rooftop. That, and exploring new neighborhoods!

I knocked off both of those to-do's with a single tropical-themed rooftop girls get-together. With spontaneity and GoogleMaps as my guide, I armed myself with my MetroCard and earbuds for the looong trek across the river to Brooklyn. Twenty-five minutes later, I emerged from the subway and strode into the Pathmark, straight for the summer aisle.

Tropical Rooftop Girl's Get-Together Essentials:

   * Paper umbrellas (you're never too old or too chic for paper umbrellas)
   * An assortment of chocolates, chips, and a fruit and veggie platter
   * Palm Breeze sparkling alcohol spritz in Pineapple Mandarin Orange

Check. Back in Manhattan later that afternoon, I packed a basket full of the above essentials, gathered together a few girlfriends, and headed to the roof. Party time!

I was excited to share Palm Breeze with my friends. Palm Breeze is a flavored malt beverage, which (in street language) means that it's an alcoholic drink made with a malt base. Sound familiar? That's because that's similar to how beer is made! But while beers often target primarily male audiences, and I'm really not a fan of the taste, Palm Breeze is unique in that it's the first drink that's primarily out there for women.

My friends and I aren't big drinkers, so we skipped mixing the alcohol spritz with any stronger drinks, like liquor, and enjoyed them on their own. Palm Breeze also comes in a Ruby Red Citrus flavor, but we didn't get to try that one this time (the supermarket was out). The Pineapple Mandarin Orange, however, was a huge hit.

It was fruity, fresh, and - between the alcohol spritz that we're all not used to and the fun of being in the sun and gathered as a group - had us laughing and having a riot in no time!

Since there's no island getaway in my summer plans this year, this was the perfect little tropical vacay for every day! Get your girls together for a spontaneous get-together, dress up in your spring-chic style, and head outside to soak up some sun and laughs!

Don't feel like hosting a get-together, but still want to have fun with friends? Check out the Palm Breeze/Blo Bar events for a fun time minus the prep and planning! There are events in San Diego, DC, Austin, and Dallas.

Being an early 20's woman can be a confusing, uncertain thing sometimes. But it can also be so much fun! Many of us don't yet have the responsibilities of spouses and children, so we can be spontaneous and do what we want when we want. I think it's important to embrace that now and then, because if life moves at all like this year did, we'll be at the next phase in the blink of an eye!

What are your summer plans?

What's your favorite thing to do with your girlfriends?

What is your favorite drink?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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