May 9, 2015

Work-Week Convenience with a Discount!

Who else can't believe that it's already the second week of May? Summer is just around the bend!

While the approach of summer can mean anything from travel, to more time outdoors, to just soaking up the sun on your way to work, the time before summer often can get a little hectic. With so many people going on vacations during the summer months, a lot of work is front-loaded and that makes May a little crazy!

Luckily, a crazy busy schedule doesn't mean that you can't enjoy balanced, nutritious meals that taste great. Diet to Go delivers a week of frozen meals at a time and can work with all sorts of styles of eating, from vegetarian to low fat to low carb. 

Diet to Go Armenian Lentil Stew

You get three meals a day and, if you're not dieting (as I'm not), you can supplement your own snacks in between. Have I mentioned that the meals are delicious? I don't know how they make their brussels sprouts taste so amazing, but I would seriously eat whole bowlfuls of them as meals, if that were an option (sadly, it's not).

The meals are also very satisfying, especially with the increase in use of whole grains and legumes. Not only does Diet to Go take the burden of food preparation off of your plate when you're busy, but it also takes the bother of food planning and making sound nutritional choices off of your shoulders.

The service now even includes a new feature where you work with a licensed nutritionist to tailor your meals to your particular tastes and needs!

Diet to Go Aztec Quinoa
I have yet to try a meal that I didn't love, but the Aztec Quinoa (pictured above) is one of my hands-down favorites. If it's on the rotation when you order, be sure to include it as one of your meal choices! Quinoa, veggies, and the perfect spices all combine to a make an absolutely delicious meal that satisfies both your palate and your appetite. 

Worried that a meal delivery service is out of your budget? Let's face it - with some meal delivery services chargingupwards of $100 a day per person, it's no wonder that meal delivery services get the reputation as being something that is reserved for only the very well to do. Even with sky-high NYC living costs, it's cheaper to eat at a restaurant for every meal than that! 

Diet to Go Soy Salisbury Steak
Diet to Go, however, is the exception. Plans start at just under $8 per meal! And if you use the coupon code DTGA109 on your first order, you get 25% off of your order. With Diet to Go, you could even end up saving money, especially if you normally eat out often!

Get healthy, save money, enjoy your meals, and save time - Diet to Go is an all-around win!

 Do you have any fun summer plans?

What are your time-saving tips for when life gets crazy?

What is your favorite meal of the day?

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