Jun 26, 2015

5 Times It's Okay to Take A Cab

As a city girl - it still feels unreal to call myself that, even though I've lived in NYC for a year and Boston for three - I have plenty of experience with all sorts of transportation that does not involve a personal vehicle.

I'm entirely okay with that. The world (or, more specifically, car accident statistics) doesn't need me on the roads.

Still, when you don't rely on your own car for transportation, you face a lot of trade-offs.


Buses are slow.

The subway doesn't always have a direct route to where I need to go. It also tends to make me motion sick.

You can't walk or bike everywhere.

Cabs are expensive.

So when is it acceptable to go for the cab or - horror of all horrors - Uber on surge pricing? Here are five times when it's totally okay to skip the public choice and hire a taxi or a car!

1) When you have luggage.

This one applied most recently to me when I made the temporary move from NYC to Boston for June. The train connections would actually have been pretty convenient, since the subway goes directly to the same station where Amtrak is on both sides, but taking the subway means you have to walk to the subway stop from your starting point and from the subway stop to your destination.

Schlepping luggage.

Through (in my case) a thunderstorm.

Hard pass. I got a Lyft in NYC and an Uber in Boston and I didn't regret either for a minute!

Navigating the cramped subway with luggage (and getting your luggage up/down stairs and out-of-order escalators) is a hassle, too. Just pass and treat yo'self.

2) When it's either too late or too early to be awake.

If you're heading home at 2am, or heading out at 4am (like when you're on a really early flight or something), don't feel bad about taking a cab. If you're too tired to function, navigating the subway is an unnecessary struggle.

Let your driver figure out how to get you where you need to go!

3) When you'll otherwise be late.

Punctuality is important! It's part of keeping your word to be where you say you'll be when you say you'll be there and it shows whoever you're meeting that you respect their time and you respect them.

michelle tanner running late

Further, the financial punishment of having to spring for a pricey cab instead of a $2.50 subway ride means that you'll probably take not to leave yourself a little more time to get where you need to go next time!

4) When it's your birthday.

No explanation needed for this one. Your birthday is your day.

parks and recreation animated GIF


5) When you're sick.

There's nothing worse than being woozy or queasy or faint or plain old exhausted by the flu on the subway.

Spare yourself!

Beyond that, riding the subway puts you in contact with a lot of people. Earn a little good karma by not exposing dozens, or hundreds, of people to your bug!

What form of transportation do you use most often?

Do you prefer cabs, Lyft, or Uber?

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