Jun 11, 2015

Recipe Roundup: My Picnic To-Try List!

I love trying new recipes and I love cooking for people.

Being in a different city this month means that I have a fresh group of guinea pigs taste testers to try recipes on...

...so I have so many recipe ideas for recipes to create, as well as a pinterest backlog of other food bloggers' recipes to try!

Here are some awesome picnic-friendly recipes from the blogosphere that I can't wait to try making this month!

Burritos are perfect for a picnic, because they're a more grownup version of a sandwich. I'm personally quite a fan of the good old PB&J or some variation thereof, but it's more fun to make something a little more complex. 

PB&J's are also better suited to lunch picnics than dinner picnics and, unless you're picnicking on the weekend, it's more likely that you'll be meeting up with friends after work for dinner. These burritos are perfectly suited!

Burritos are great, but you'll probably want something fresh to go with it. Enjoy your veggies with a little exotic flavor with this Thai cucumber salad!

Since this salad is vegan, it's also much less perishable than standards that feature meat, fish, or dairy. That's perfect for picnicking on a warm summer afternoon (or evening) because the last thing you ever want is someone coming down with food poisoning from your meal! That's a cook's worst nightmare.

I don't have a Grandma Ople. My grandmother is also far more likely to bake an Apfelkuchen than an apple pie. But whoever's grandma is the Grandma Ople of this apple pie recipe, her pie looks great!

Apple pie is one of those All-American foods that I just have to make once to be a real American. I don't think I've made an apple pie before, or at least not a memorable one, so it's next up on my potluck list!

As much as I really, really need to bake an apple pie, just to say that I did it, I'm personally more of a fan of the rhubarb-strawberry combo. I never eat rhubarb anything during the rest of the year but, like watermelon and cherries, rhubarb is a summer food! This pie looks like a winner.

In case I don't have the time to commit to a pie (quelle horreur) or need something that's more easily and careless packaged and transported, these cookies look great! They've been lurking on my Pinterest board for a while, so it's high time that I test them out!

What are your favorite summer recipes? Links are welcome!

What are your favorite picnic recipes? Again, links are welcome!

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