Jun 13, 2015

The Secret of the Traveling Peanut Butter

It's hardly a secret anymore. Peanut butter is great and so is powdered peanut butter. I like to keep both in my kitchen!

Here are some of the benefits of powdered peanut butter (the first particularly applies in the summer or anytime a peanut butter lover travels to a place with an uncertain peanut butter supply, like Germany):

* TSA-friendly for your carry-on, since it's not a liquid or a crea
* High in plantbased protein
* High in fiber
* Lower in fat
* Can be used to replace part of the flour in baking for more peanut-y treats
* Perfect for smoothies

My cousin loves peanut butter, but is sensitive to peanut oil and always breaks out when she visits us in the USA and enjoys too much peanut butter. PPB from Hale Naturals could be a great option for her!

PPB is a certified gluten-free powdered peanut butter from Hale Naturals, a UK-based healthy foods company. PPB comes in three delicious flavors - Original, Chocolate, and Sweetened with Stevia for diabetics, low carbers, and anyone watching their sugar content.

All three are delicious, but my favorite flavor on its own was actually the Sweetened with Stevia.

Stevia is sweeter than sugar and this flavor was sweeter than the original! That made it perfect to mix up with a bit of water and use anywhere where you'd use peanut butter (ie: on bread, on yogurt, to dunk apples into, to smear on bananas, etc.)

The Chocolate flavor is best for smoothies, in my opinion. Add it to your standard banana smoothie and you instantly have a healthy Reese's shake with protein that tastes anything but healthy!

The Original is best for baking. I subbed it for half of the flour in my Easy Chewy Oatmeal Cookies recipe, with no other changes, for a more nutritious peanut butter oatmeal cookie. Yum!

I would definitely recommend keeping a jar (or three) of PPB in your pantry. I do! Or rather, since I'm all over the place this summer, in my suitcase.

Have you tried powdered peanut butter?

What are your favorite ways to eat peanut butter?

Do you have any food sensitivities?

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