Jun 29, 2015

What Is In My Bag? Girl on the Go Edition!

Some stereotypes are rooted in truth. The widely spread perception that it's impossible to go into a Target and only buy one thing is definitely one of those, at least for me!

Target always seems to have everything I need, not to mention a whole host of things that I didn't realize I needed it until I saw them posed alluringly on the perfectly organized shelves of my favorite one-stop shop...

But let's focus on the things that we actually need today, shall we? I always think 'what's in my bag' posts are a lot of fun, because there's so much variation in what different women choose to keep in their handbags. A handbag's contents can say a lot about a person's day-to-day life!
Since many of the essentials in my bag are available at Target, here is what is in my bag during this summer of travel and adventure (I'm in Germany at the moment, after having spent a wonderful June in Boston)!

First, an explanation - if you're a long-time reader, you know that I am not a big fan of purple. The bag itself isn't mine, but one that I borrowed from my mom! I only packed one bag to take with me for the summer when I left NYC and I was getting quite bored of it by the time I joined my mom in Germany. She was nice enough to let me use hers to mix things up a bit!

That also explains the glasses - those are also a leftover of hers. But the rest is intentional! In no particular order, here's the breakdown:

Wallet - 

I use my credit card for most purchases in the USA, but when I'm abroad and dealing with foreign currency, I tend to pay in cash when I can. In addition to that, I always have my health insurance card and photo ID on me for safety!

Bottled Water - 

Hydration, hydration, hydration! It's so important for so many things, including general well-being. Having consistent access to drinking water is the first step in staying hydrated!

Tampax Pocket Pearl

Do you know what only being prepared when it's that time of month gets you? Ruined underwear. Either you'll forget to put some tampons in your bag when that time rolls around or your monthly gift will come a day early and probably when you're not in close proximity to a drugstore.

Just don't tempt fate! With Tampax Pocket Pearl, you have all the protection of Tampax Pearl in a convenient new pocket-size that hardly takes up any space at all in your handbag!

The bright colors on the wrapper make it easy to spot in  my handbag, even when my bag is fuller than usual, so I don't have to root around long to find one when I need it.

It's available in all the sizes you might need, so you're covered on your heavy days as well as your light days, and the Breakthrough wrapper has a discreet, easy-open tab. The smooth, extendable applicator makes it  easy to use and the built-in Backup™ Braid channels leaks back to the core, so you don't have to worry about checking the back of your pants every time you pass a mirror.

Tampax Pocket Pearl is readily available at Target, in the feminine products aisle, and a box of 18 only cost me $3.99! 

Even better? When I stopped by the store, they were running a buy two, get one free deal. I love that Target is always focused on saving me money, offering discounts on their already affordable everyday prices!

A Pen & Pencil - 

I'm a writer, both by passion and profession. While I can almost always find a napkin or receipt or something wherever I am, if an idea for a story strikes, finding a writing utensil can be tougher.

After being caught unprepared when inspiration hit a few times in the past, I now always take care to try to have a pen or a pencil with me at all times. Preferably both!

Snacks -

I am a serious snacker!
Hangry is a very real phenomenon and no one wants to experience me hangry, so I try to always keep a few snacks on hand. Sometimes it's nutritious (granola bars, trail mix, etc.) and sometimes it's less so (chocolate bars and candy). It's all about the balance!

Hand Sanitizer - 

Especially when I'm traveling, it's great when I remember hand sanitizer. I'm a serious snacker and while restaurants for sit-down meals generally have somewhere to wash my hands, if I'm snacking on the go it's less probable that I'll have access to a soap and water.

Hand sanitizer is the next best thing, to keep me healthy for more fun traveling!

iPod - 

Everything is more fun with music! I love living my life to an awesome soundtrack, so I am rarely out and about without music and headphones.

Something to read - 

Sometimes it's whatever book I'm currently reading and sometimes it's a work in progress or something that I wrote and am now reading over so that I can wince at all the last typos that made it past editing.

Funny shy polar bear image

Ibuprofen -

Let's chalk it up to Murphy's Law. The one time you don't have any pain killers is the time that you get a killer headache and can't borrow ibuprofen from anyone. Headaches are awful, so I try to always keep a little bottle of pain killer in my handbag!

Dramamine - 

I get travel sick (just like my poor sisters) and Dramamine is magical in preventing the nausea, dizziness, and general wretchedness that travel can otherwise cause for me. I love travel but I hate feeling sick, so taking Dramamine before my flight or before a long drive or train ride allows me to enjoy myself without the discomfort!

Gum - 

Chewing gum sometimes helps settle my stomach, too, and it certainly helps relieve the painful pressure in my ears at take-off and landing when I'm flying. I used to only like minty flavors, but lately I've been enjoying the fruity ones a lot, too!

Beauty Favorites of the Moment - 

I hate having chapped lips, so I generally keep lip gloss or lip balm on hand. After almost a year of no nail polish, I'm also back in an on-phase with the fun of nail color. I think it's something about the fun vibes of summer!

What is in your bag?

How often do you shop at Target?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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