Jul 6, 2015

7 Reasons to See Pixar's 'Inside Out'!

'Minions' comes out in just a few days! I'm not sure who among I, the 22-year-old, and my little sister, the 10-year-old, is the more excited one.

An accurate representation of how we're responding to the approach of the 'Minions' movie release
Still, before you rush to the cinemas to see 'Minions,' there is another movie that is already out in the cinemas that you should definitely consider watching.

Pixar's 'Inside Out'!


I had high hopes for this movie, because it's a Pixar movie and I love all things Disney, but it exceeded my already high expectations by far. I loved every moment of the movie!

If you haven't seen 'Inside Out' yet, here are seven reasons why you should!

1. The adorable animated short at the beginning.

The 'I Lava You' song is so cute, in a cheesier than Muenster way, and the art work is really pretty. It's also just a cute story and hands-down my favorite Pixar short film!

I LAVA You Poster
...and I'm sure it is not at all about Hawaii because Disney wants to promote their relatively new Hawaiian resort destination, Aulani. Riiight.

2. It's a feel-good movie.

Disney has a real knack for making those movies where you walk out of the cinema feeling warm, tingly, optimistic, and just generally happy. This one is no exception!

3. Mindy Kaling is the voice of Disgust.

That is what I call perfect casting. Loved it!

4. It has good values.

Disney is a very family-oriented company, so this is no surprise. But with the movie's emphasis on family, friends, social relationships, and the importance of not only independence but also interdependence - and reaching out to loved ones when we need help - it's a really good movie to take your kids to see.

Even we as adults can use the reminder sometimes that no one is an island and that you have to tell someone when something is wrong. We're all in this together!

...I can't type or say that phrase without thinking of High School Musical. But that's the wrong Disney movie, so let's move on to the next reason to see Inside Out!

5. Riley is a 3D character.

The movie is all about our various emotions and how we deal with them, so it's no surprise that Riley isn't a flat character. Sometimes she makes good decisions and sometimes she makes bad ones, because she's human just like all of us!

I love the middle ground that the movie presents in Riley, as opposed to the traditional good vs. bad dichotomy.

6. Imagination Land has all the whimsical nostalgic magic of the Toy Story franchise, but with a girl's spin.

There's the creepiest animated clown I've ever seen, a magical dinosaur-elephant thing with a song-powered rocket-wagon (to the moon!), an imaginary boyfriend with boy band hair who "would die for Riley!", larger than life french fries, and more.

It's so fun!

7. Layered jokes.

As we have come to expect from Disney and Pixar movies, there are layers of jokes. There are the jokes the kids enjoy, the ones the parents enjoy, and the ones that both enjoy.

Put them all together and it makes for a perfect family night choice! No one will be left out of the laughter.

Have you seen 'Inside Out' yet?

If you've seen 'Inside Out,' what is your favorite thing about the movie?

What is your favorite Disney/Pixar movie?

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