Jul 3, 2015

For After the Barbecue : A Healthy Reset with Cocobeet!

Tomorrow is July 4 and for many of us, that means it's a full day of barbecuing and food.

But if that's true for you, you may wonder how you can maximize enjoyment of those indulgences, and your aunt's award-winning pie, while minimizing the indigestion, bloating, and general lack of well-being that follows a day of over-indulgence.

Easy - schedule a healthy reset for after the feast day!

I suggest checking out Cocobeet's cleanses, because they offer a variety of options to fit whatever your lifestyle and your needs are. I, for one, can't go a whole day without eating.

And I don't want to! Cocobeet's Transition Cleanse is perfect for people like me, who have high energy needs and/or like to eat.

The cleanse features a mix of fruit and vegetable juices, rich smoothies with healthy, filling fats, and raw vegan meals. You'll fuel your body with only healthy foods, to have you feeling like any unhealthy choices you made on the feast day never even happened, but you won't have to go hungry.

With their emphasis on organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods, you can be sure that your body will enjoy Cocobeet as much as you will!

Cocobeet's cleanses take all the guesswork out of a healthy reset and they're incredibly convenient. If you're local to the Boston metro area or Cambridge, you'll receive your order by bicycle!

If you're outside of the delivery area, don't worry - Cocobeet ships its cleanses nationwide!

All the foods are and smoothies and juices are absolutely delicious to boot! Here's is the 'live' journal-style review of my experience.

5:30am - I woke up hungry. As always. I am not a breakfast-skipper. Without breakfast, nothing works for me! Luckily, there's a drink to have right upon waking - the Heartbeet Power Booster.

I'm not generally a big beet girl, but Heartbeet is made of beet, coconut water, lime, and spirulina. The combination of flavors works really well and I was surprised to find that the sweetness from the beet was enough to make it a nice sweet drink. Yum!

It also stained my mouth a lovely cherry red, so this one doubles as a cosmetic! Kidding...kinda (hey, I don't wear much makeup, okay?).

8am - You get to head into the morning with solid food in your stomach on this cleanse! And food that tastes like dessert, at that.

The chia pudding is filled with satisfying healthy fats, nutrient-rich berries, and flavor. It really is healthy pudding (think tapioca pudding in texture) for breakfast! It's not a little jar, either, and is perfectly portioned for a nice breakfast. Yum!

11am - I was looking forward to trying the Cocobeet Green Genes juice, because I'm a big fan of green juices. This one features kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, parsley, lemon, and ginger.

Made from over 5 pounds of fruits and vegetables, it's definitely very nutrient-rich and not at all watery!

Taste-wise, it didn't disappoint at all! It was sweet, but not too sweet, and all that concentrated nutrition made it really filling. I was surprised by how filling the juice was! I

 always scoff a little when I hear someone call a juice 'filling,' since I'm big on food, but this one really was! I have to eat (drink?) my words.

11:55am - Why is my stomach suddenly unhappy?

11:58am - Just kidding, I drank some water. All is good. (You're supposed to drink at least 8-12oz of water between each juice/smoothie/meal - do it!)

2pm - It's time for my first smoothie! I hadn't tried a Cocobeet smoothie before, but was blown away by their amazing acai bowl when I stopped by with a friend the other day. With high hopes, I tried their Blue Coconut Smoothie!

It's made of blueberries, almond butter, almonds, water, coconut oil, chia seeds, and dates. With all those fruit sugars and healthy fats, it's very sweet and really feels and tastes more like an indulgent dessert than a healthy smoothie. When superfoods taste this good, junk food isn't tempting at all!

4pm - I'm still not hungry, surprisingly, but I am starting to feel a little peckish, so I reach for the next drink. Cocobeet's Kickstart perfectly satisfies the mid-afternoon munchies!

It's very sweet and thick, more like a sweet smoothie than a juice, and really filling. I have to drink it slowly, but I'm happy to because it's absolutely delicious!

The juice is recommended as a post-workout recovery drink when not enjoyed as part of a cleanse and I can see why. It gives me an almost immediate boost of energy and leaves me full and happy. 10/10 I would buy it again!

6pm - I've enjoyed my juices and not been ravenous at all during the day, but I do miss chewing so I'm looking forward to having the vegan Kale & Microgreens Salad for dinner!

I absolutely love salads with fruits and nuts or seeds, and this salad has has all of the above (though the nuts are blended into a yummy paste). It tasted amazing and after a day of drinking most of my meals, I savored every bite. 

8:30pm - The last item of the day is a Chocolate Power Mylk. I'm not starving, but I'm also not stuffed, so I enjoy the Chocolate Power Mylk as a dessert. I eat some kind of chocolate pretty much every day and it's nice that I don't have to be deprived at all, not even of chocolate, on this cleanse!

The smoothie is thick, creamy, chocolatey, sweet and delicious. I really enjoy it and it keeps me totally full all the way until bedtime. Then it's off to bed and I feel great!

All in all, this was an amazing cleanse experience and I highly recommend it to anyone! It's a gentle cleanse, so you won't spend all day feeling miserable and you still have enough energy and nutrition to go about your daily life and work (though exercising isn't recommended - make your cleanse day your rest day). 

If you're looking for a deeper cleanse, they have options for that, too. Or, as I would choose if I needed more of a reset than one day could give me, you can order a multi-day cleanse! With this cleanse, you go to bed satisfied and happy and you wake up at peace and un-bloated (a great feeling after overdoing it for a feast day or for several days). Doing it for several days won't be a punishment, but rather a pleasure!

For those in the Boston area, it's at 100 City Hall in Government Center! Stop by to learn more about the cleanse options in person, try a juice or two to w(h)et your appetite, and check out their amazing salads, acai bowls, desserts, and more! You can learn more about current offerings on their Instagram @purecocobeet.

Have you ever done a cleanse? If so, what kind of cleanse?

Are you interested in cleanses after holidays?

What are your favorite kinds of juices and smoothies?


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