Jul 24, 2015

Review + GIVEAWAY - Chike Peanut Butter!

Peanut butter is heavenly. 

I eat peanut butter every single day, multiple times per day, and have for as long as I can remember (with minor exceptions of a few days here and there occasionally while traveling - but even then, I definitely opt for peanut butter whenever it's an option). 

I'm a vegetarian and peanut butter is a great plant-based source of protein and probably one of my main sources of protein, give how much of it that I eat! 

For those trying to cut back on fat, however, the high fat content of peanut butter can make it a less convenient source of a lot of protein. Peanut butter can still be enjoyed in moderate amounts, but spoon-to-jar munching (I have been known to go through multiple jars of peanut butter a week - in fact, that's most weeks) is less advisable.

Unless you're talking about Chike Peanut Butter!

With Chike Peanut Butter, pictured above in both the original and chocolate varieties alongside their High Protein Coffee shake powder (starring muscle-building whey protein!), you get all the protein and flavor of traditional peanut butter with a fraction of the fat and calories. 

Read on for my review of the powdered peanut butter, as well as information on how to enter to win 2 jars of your own!

Just mix two tablespoons of Chike Peanut Butter powder with one tablespoon of water (or less, for a thicker consistency) and enjoy the peanut butter joy taht we all love without throwing your nutritional goals off track! 

Since I'm a huge peanut butter fan, the original Chike Peanut Butter is my favorite. If you love Nutella or the Jif's Chocolate Peanut Butter spreads, you'll love Chike Chocolate Peanut Butter!

Chike Peanut Butter and Chike Chocolate Peanut Butter are enjoyable mixed up and used as peanut butter would be on oatmeal, bread, bananas, microwaved quest bars, yogurt, etc. They're also great subbed for part of the flour in any baked good to add delicious peanut butter flavor, cut back on carbs (if that's your concern), and pump up the protein! Last but not least, they're a delicious smoothie mix-in. 

US readers can enter through Rafflecopter (below) between now and August 8, 2015 for your chance to win the same 2 jars of Chike Peanut Butter!

That brings me to the other Chike Nutrition product that I had the opportunity to review - their coffee-flavored protein shake mix!

The first ingredient is whey protein and, according, it is rich in filling, muscle-building protein. With only 2g of sugar and a whopping 20g of protein, it makes a great post-workout recovery drink of a mid-morning or mid-afternoon liquid snack on a busy day. It's also enriched with a lot of important vitamins and minerals, which is great for those of us who always forget to take our multivitamins...cough, cough, me.

Best of all, it's delicious! I loved it plain or with Chike Chocolate Peanut Butter to make a super yummy peanut buttery mocha shake!

What is your favorite kind of nut butter?

If you use powdered peanut butter, how?

What are your favorite things to eat/drink after a workout?


  1. I love peanut butter. After a workout, I like to eat a protein bar.

  2. We buy a great deal of peanut butter in this house. I've been lookoing at the powdered peanut butter in alocal store lately, trying to decide if the family would actually use it (My husband is a major peanut butter eater. I know he took a "fat-free peanut spread" to work once, and it went bad over night (!) I would assume that mixing up what you need at the time with the powder would avoid that problem. I don't have a regular post-workout snack, but I probably should...

  3. @sweepmom me, too!

    @lisaray It does, just don't pre-mix! :)

  4. I have never tried powdered peanut butter but my favorite peanut butter is crunchy. Brittney House

  5. I have never tried it but we go through lots of pb here and the powder would be fantastic on hiking trips. Thank you!

  6. I didn't even know this existed! It would be great to add to a protein shake. sajdakota @ yahoo. com

  7. I have not tried powdered peanut butter before but I really love peanut butter!
    Thank You

    Fiona N


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