Aug 22, 2015

Healthy Habits with Farmivore

I love smoothies! They're delicious, packed with healthy fruits (and potentially veggies), convenient if you need a snack or light meal on the go, great at any time of the day, easy to digest, and a perfect way to cool off on a hot day or hydrate on a day where you've been less diligent with water consumption than ideal. 

I love adding spinach to a fruity, banana-based smoothie for a delicious, easy way to get in my daily greens!

Smoothies can also be a component of one of my favorite new 'trendy' foods:

Smoothie bowls! I love them, especially acai and pitaya bowls. I had my first bowl in Hawaii and while the ones I make at home (see above) are nowhere near as amazing as those were, they're still delicious! I'm working on it.

One of the biggest challenges I face in smoothie making is the same as I do in cooking and baking in general. As a single girl, it can be hard to buy produce in amounts that you'll use before they go off if you want a lot of variety. I don't like wasting food, so I'm more likely to sacrifice variety in order to buy just what I can use, than to buy a big range of fruits and veggies at once so that i can experiment with smoothie flavors. 

Fortunately, I don't have to decide anymore! I recently discovered Farmivore, a delivery service that provides you with fresh smoothie ingredients straight to your front door in portions that are practical!

Right off the bat, I loved that there's an easy online ordering system and that you can customize your delivery depending on whether you prefer to juice or blend and whether you prefer a small, medium or big box (depending on how often you juice/blend and how many people you have in your household).

Even better, you can choose your delivery day and frequency to work with your schedule and you can pause or cancel your service up to 6 weeks in advance!

With smoothies from the blending box starting at just $4.90 per serving and juices from the juicing box starting at just $4.37 per serving, it's a lot cheaper to order a Farmivore subscription than it is to go to a smoothie shop or juicery. At least here in Manhattan, it's not atypical for a bottle of juice or a smoothie to cost upwards of $10 each! You save a lot of money by opting to make your own, especially if you like to drink smoothies and/or juices regularly. Just making the switch for one smoothie a day saves you over $150 a month! Whoa.

But if you a skeptic like me, you're probably asking yourself the obvious question. My first reaction to that savings quote is that I can already pick up some produce from the grocery store to make my own healthy drinks and the reason why I sometimes go to specialized cafes is because theirs just taste better. 

Farmivore makes it so that smoothies from their box are as delicious as special cafe smoothies, because they come up with amazing cafe-worthy recipes, portion out the variety of fruits and veggies and mix-ins so it's just what you need, and provide you with easy-to-follow, quick-to-make recipes!

The bags of ingredients are sorted by recipe and each bag of ingredients is labeled with the same number as the corresponding recipe. Recipes even come with detailed nutritional facts, as well as the main vitamin and mineral benefits highlighted! 

All of the combos are absolutely delicious, I honestly couldn't pick a favorite! They're also all really healthy and I loved how they balanced the smoothies well with natural sugars from the fruits, fiber from the veggies (all of their smoothies include a veggie!), and protein and healthy fats from nuts and seeds and nut butters! 

It's easy to forget that balancing smoothies out with some protein and fat is really important, since most of us tend to think of just the fruits and veggies when we make them, but not only do they make the smoothies absolutely delicious, but they also make them more filling and more filling over time. A just-fruits-and-veggies smoothie is unlikely to fill you up from breakfast to lunch, especially if you're hard at work, but these smoothies are a great breakfast even on your busiest of workdays. They're also a great post-workout snack!

How often do you drink smoothies?

Do you prefer juices or smoothies?

What are your favorite smoothie combos?


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