Sep 22, 2015

Happy Fall: Covering Your Bases with Aflac

It’s finally starting to feel like fall and just in time – today is the first official day of fall! 

Doesn't New York wear it well?
While summer is great for all things water sports, fall is when we shift our focus from the coastlines to the mountains. I love, love, love the beach, but I also truly adore the mountains! Hiking is one of my favorite day trips, camping has that nostalgic glow (I was a girl scout for twelve years), apple picking is a blast and you get to go home with a ton of yummy snacks, and exploring a city (*cough, cough* New York) by foot is so much nicer when temperatures are moderate than when the sun is pounding down on you.

Photographer: Nick Trochil
All in all, there are many reasons to love fall. But lots of outdoor activity in fall means that you can also anticipate a possible uptick in injuries as the leaves start to turn. At least from anecdotal experience, people seem to get hurt more in fall! With the average medical expense of accidental injury at a whopping $5,500 according to the National Safety Council, that's something to think about! 

As a self-proclaimed clumsy girl, I headed straight to Aflac to try to figure out how I can avoid spending multiple month's rent in case of a broken bone or other injury this fall. 

We all want to save our hard-earned money for fun things, like the aforementioned hiking trips, and not have to spend our savings on expensive emergency room visits and other injury-related costs. Fortunately, fall is Open Enrollment Season for lots of companies, which is the time during which you can review your employer-sponsored benefits offerings and choose the policies that best fit you and your lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, 34% of employees spent 15 minutes or less reviewing their options in 2014 - for something so important, that's an unsettling statistic! Make sure your health protection meets you and your family's needs this year by considering voluntary insurance policies offered by your employer. 

Different people have different insurance needs, as is true of pretty much anything else, so voluntary insurance helps you best cover your particularly needs (ie: how many members are in your family, what generations you're all in, and what your lifestyles are like). Since I'm a healthy, active millennial, accident insurance is the one that interests me the most this fall! 

I’m going through the process of signing up for all of my own insurance this fall and while it’s definitely not fun for me (paperwork tends not to be my idea of a good time). We have to do it anyway, since having health insurance is now mandatory, so it’s worth taking those extra few minutes to get informed about non-mandatory, but possibly very helpful, additional insurance options

Don’t let fear of injury (and the cost of getting injured) hold you back from having a great fall and trying some fun new adventures this season. It’s a beautiful world!

What is your favorite season?

What is your favorite thing about fall?
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