Sep 7, 2015

Review: New Crazy Richard's Pure PB

I'm a legume-loving vegetarian and a huge fan of peanut butter. HUGE. 

Peanut butter is awesome with so many things! For starters:

* Bananas
* In smoothies
* Chocolate
* Sandwiches
* In savory dishes
* In sweet desserts
* On ice cream
* On a spoon...

You get the point. Peanut butter is pretty awesome. The delicious spread has also come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1895! In addition to a large variety of different flavors for peanut butter spreads, there are also variations on peanut butter for all sorts of different dietary needs. 

Crazy Richard's Crunchy Peanut Butter is a long-time favorite of mine, but recently the company behind my favorite peanut butter also put out a high protein, low fat peanut flour and a high protein, nutrient enriched peanut butter. Let's take a look!

I love that this peanut flour is made of just peanuts. Like Crazy Richard's original peanut butter, it stays true to the idea that simple, nutritious food that is made of things you recognize can be delicious!

It is delicious! Like other peanut flours, you can mix it with water (don't pre-mix the whole jar, just mix what you want to eat) to create a peanut paste that's a lower fat, lower calorie, and high protein alternate option to switch things up a little from peanut butter. 

You can also use it as a flour in baked goods or a vegan source of protein (and great peanut flavor) in smoothies! 

The peanut flavor is pure and while the mouth feel isn't the same as regular peanut butter (as it never is with peanut flours, since they're lower fat and that comes from the fat) the flavor really is spot-on and its delicious in its own right. It's great if you want to mix things up a bit, or at any time for baking or smoothies (there you really don't notice much of a difference, if any, between the peanut flour and traditional peanut butter).

If you do want the healthy fats from the nuts (healthy fats are important, too, for many reasons), but want a peanut butter that offers a little something extra nutritionally - perhaps you're an athlete or just trying to punch up your nutrition - check out PB Burst!

It's creamy, it's delicious, it's available in handy single serving squeeze packs, and it tastes just like delicious natural peanut butter but has a healthy boost from a complex of vitamins and healthy additions like green tea extract. Since it includes vitamin B12, an important vitamin something that's often lacking in vegan diets, it's great for plant-based eaters!

What are your favorite uses for peanut butter?

How often do you eat peanut butter?

What is your favorite nut butter?

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