Oct 14, 2015

Drink to Your Health With Vitamin Chick! A Review

Fall is a season full of breathtaking beauty, wonderful experiences (apple picking, anyone?), and delicious flavors - pumpkin everything, especially Starbucks!

Like any other season, it's a great opportunity to start anew with healthy, happy habits that allow you to make the most of every moment of every day. I am a firm believer that wellness begins from the inside! Giving your body solid nutrition can do so much to improve your overall sense of well being.

If you've been going heavier on the apple cider donuts than the apples, pre-gaming Halloween with grab bag candy, visiting more Oktoberfest parties than you would care to admit, and/or feeling a little sluggish, I recommend Vitamin Chick juices for a quick and easy reset!

Enjoy a variety of delicious, 100% organic juices that will flood you with the vitamins you need after less than ideal eating. I was honestly surprised by how great the juices tasted, especially the Power Up!

A blend of raw coconut water, sweet carrots, and maca root powder, it's sweet and satisfying and perfect! If carrots aren't your thing, the green juices are delicious, too.

Not a fan of sweet juice? Don't worry, they even have some all-vegetable green juices (check out the Green Vaccine and Vita Green juices) to satisfy those who are watching sugar content.

If you order a pre-arranged cleanse, the juices even come numbered for you (5 juices, a booster, and a creamy nut milk to end the day) so there's no guesswork.

If prearranged cleanses aren't your thing (though they do have a variety of options, which are carefully selected to satisfy the particular need that they're designed for), you can also order their juices, milks, and boosters individually to get exactly what you want.

Either enjoy the juices as a cleanse (starting with just a one day cleanse for those of us who don't want to give up chewing for 3+ days and/or who have busy schedules) or as part of a healthy balanced diet with your usual (healthier) food choices.

Either way, you're doing something good for your body!

They regularly run great specials, such as buy six juices and get the seventh free, so be sure to check out their website for up-to-date details!

What is your favorite way to do a healthy reset?

What is your favorite kind of juice?

What are you enjoying most about autumn so far?


  1. My favorite way to reset is to do a detox with green smoothies and raw salads . My fav juice would have to carrots,pineapple and ginger.
    I live in Florida so there is not much change in the weather. One day I'll make it to NY and hope to enjoy a fall seasonn.


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