Oct 3, 2015

Exploring Southern Cuisine with Peach Dish!

Would you like to make restaurant-quality healthy food with a Southern twist in the comfort of your own home in just ~30 minutes?

How about Chicken with Muscadines and Mashed Potatoes?

You can and you don't have to have studied at culinary school or worked in a kitchen! 

Peach Dish makes it easy and convenient to cook delicious, nutritious dinners at home. You just choose which dishes you would like to order from their ever-changing weekly menu, how many people each meal needs to serve, and how many meals you would like to cook per week.

Read on to learn about my experience trying them out!
Cooking with Peach Dish is fun and easy from start to finish. The ingredients for the meals arrive in an insulated package, so everything stays fresh.

The ingredients for each meal come in a cute satchet bag that make you excited to get started cooking!

Each recipe comes not only with detailed, easy-to-follow ingredients that makes cooking impressive meals easy for even the most novice home chef, but also with nutrition facts and an introduction to the chef who designed your dinner!

They're also the only such service that doesn't think the meal ends with the main course. They include dessert!

I got two cute, sweet, delicious apples and two dark chocolate bars that were creamy and sweet andd rich and delicious. 

Now that's what I call Southern hospitality!

But let's get back to the meals.

My favorite of the two that I tried are Chicken with Muscadines & Mashed Potatoes.

It's flavorful, delicious, and really only takes 30-40 minutes to make (depending on how quickly you chop or how much you like to take your time). The flavors go excellently together and it plates beautifully to boot!

I highly recommend ordering the ingredients for this meal if it's on the menu when you're looking! It's a big hit.

The Beef Medallion, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, and Sauteed Green Beans meal was delicious, too!

The meat is high quality and for novices at cooking meat, it even gives you the appropriate times for all your different done-ness options (ie: how many minutes for rare, medium rare, or well done).

The potatoes are crispy and well-spiced, though they were even better with a squeeze of lemon over top. 

The veggies were perfect!

The spices were perfect and the veggies they delivered were really high quality and fresh to start, serving as an excellent starting place for an excellent recipe!

If you're a Southern transplant looking for a home cooked meal to make you feel at home, Peach Dish is the way to go.

If you're a beginning cook trying to learn some great recipes and helpful cooking techniques, Peach Dish is the way to go.

If you're seasoned in the kitchen and looking for a way to mix up your go-to weeknight dinner routine, Peach Dish is the way to go.

In general, Peach Dish is a great choice!

How often do you try new recipes?

What are your favorite Southern foods?

What American cuisine is your favorite?

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