Oct 8, 2015

Healthy Beauty: Model Skin Care Secrets

I am really fortunate to have clear skin and people - whether it's makeup artists or other models at shoots, friends and family in day to day life, or random acquaintances - often ask me what my skin care secrets are.

Part of having skin clear is often genetics, but there are also a lot of go-to tips and tricks that models and others in the beauty industry use to keep our skin healthy and beautiful, despite the stress of heavy makeup at shoots and events.

Putting on and taking off a full face of makeup like that certainly isn't great for your skin!
Read on for my go-to hacks for a model clear complexion!

Be as hands-off as possible.

Keep your hands off of your face as much as possible during the day! Unless you have just washed your hands, they are not very clean.

Especially living in a big city like  NYC, there are germs everywhere. Riding the subway, grabbing the railing on a staircase, opening doors in the city, and even grocery shopping and handling money, we pick up a lot of germs on our hands during the course of the day.

Keep the bacteria off of the sensitive skin of your face!
A subconscious habit of touching our faces a lot throughout the day introduces a lot of foreign bacteria that can cause outbreaks and skin irritation. Get used to not touching your face more than necessary and your skin will benefit!

Go natural.

Your skin is an organ and having a sheet of makeup over your pores all the time isn't great. They want to breathe, too! While it is very important to clean your makeup off at the end of the day and let your skin rest as you breathe, I also believe there can be a lot of benefits from choosing to go makeup-less during the day, too!

I tend to wear little to no makeup on a day-to-day basis and only really put on makeup for big events, but I know that makeup can be fun and a lot of women just feel more put together with makeup on. While you never need makeup, the solution here would be to still enjoy makeup but less of it!

My go-to daytime makeup when I want to wear makeup is the skin-friendly look above. All I'm wearing in the photo is lipgloss (choose the kind with SPF to help ward off chapped lips!), eyeliner, and my favorite mascara.

Emphasizing eyes gives a fun pop, but still leaves most of my skin clear of makeup and free to breathe. It's a perfect compromise!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

This one has been said a thousand times, so I am not going to dwell on it. That said, it is absolutely crucial, so I also cannot completely skip it! You can't be supple and glow on the outside if you're parched on the inside. Drink up!

Remember that your skin is a mirror of your health.

As a human evolutionary biology nerd (it was my major in college), I know that clear skin is attractive because it reflects overall good health. Healthy is attractive!

Like most good things, there aren't really shortcuts that beat doing it the 'right' way and putting in the work.

Instead of wasting thousands on expensive creams that talk big but deliver little, focus on your health. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and other health-promoting foods. Check out my recipes page for some ideas of healthy and delicious foods!

Don't forget those healthy fats - avocado is one of my go-to's!
Get enough sleep, stay active, and try to keep your stress levels in check. If you invest in your health instead of magic beauty potions, you'll not only get better, longer lasting results, but you'll also feel good!

What is your skin care routine?

What are your favorite healthy skin foods?


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