Oct 1, 2015

Loving Lately: New Finds

Can you believe it's already mid September? For those who are school-aged, or have a school-aged child, it's either back to school time or school is already in full swing! 2015 is flying!

I've been fortunate enough to be out of NYC for most of the summer, spending June in Boston and July in NYC, so I escaped the bulk of NYC's summer heat. I've definitely been feeling it this month though! Flying from Germany to NYC was an instant 20 degrees Celsius increase in temperature (that's over 60 degrees Fahrenheit) and the first few days were absolutely brutal!

24 Signs It's Too Hot In London Right Now

I eventually adjusted a bit, but I never really fully adjust to heat. I'm definitely more of a cold weather girl, so I'm ready for late September to bring the much needed relief of a cooler fall.

Anyway, with the start of fall here and the new seasons meaning lots of big changes for a lot of us (myself included - I'm not going back to school, but I'm taking a new step in my writing career and starting a new job as a children's entertainment writer for an animated television series in just a week!).

Before all the next new things begin, here are some of the latest new things that I have been enjoying!
Fashion Find - Poshmark

Love updating your look, but can't justify it when your closet is already full of perfectly decent clothing? Poshmark has the solution!

Available in my closet!
It's a one-stop app to sell your still-nice clothes to someone else, make space in your closet (and money) so you can buy someone else's gently worn clothing!

Treat Yo'self - Figleaves Luxury Lingerie Shop

I love swimwear and lingerie, but I don't have just one designer that I love.

Figleaves has a nice assortment of different designers, different styles, different fits, and different sizes all in one well-organized website! There's even flat-rate shipping at the reasonable rate of $6.95 in the United States.

Healthy Snack - Detour Smart Coconut Almond Bar

I love sweet snacks and while fruit is a great summer go-to, fresh fruit doesn't always travel well for on-the-go snacking and also just isn't what you're in the mood for if you're in the mood for a candy bar.

Detour Smart's new Coconut Almond bar tastes like a nutty candy bar, but is packed with muscle-building whey protein and only has 3g of sugar per bar.

That's a smart choice for lasting energy!

NYC Date - Stand-Up Paddle Boarding on the Hudson

I first tried stand-up paddle boarding in Hawaii last fall, after wanting to try it for ages, and it was everything that I had imagined and more. I immediately fell head over heels in love with the recreational water activity!

But stand-up paddle boarding is something most of us associate with beautiful tropical, island-type places like Hawaii. Can you stand-up paddle board in NYC? If so, where?

The answer is yes!

And on the Hudson! Hm, maybe that second bit isn't the most appealing - after all, the Hudson doesn't exactly conjure forth imaginings of beautiful crystal clear waters, sparkling blue in the summer sun...

Still, for those of us who are NYC-bound and can't just jet off to Hawaii for some water fun on a whim, it's a lovely staycation idea. It's also a really fun, out of the box date idea!

If you run out of things to talk about on your date, you can shove each other into the murky waters of the Hudson and see if super powers result. After all, if a spider bite worked for Spiderman, why shouldn't some polluted river water work for us?

Travel Find - The Flight Deal

Deals are updated daily and you can search by departure city, so it makes it easy to find an affordable getaway if you don't have a set destination in mind.

A beach in South Africa
The deals that are up vary a lot from day to day, depending on what airlines have on offer, so often there's nothing particularly excitingly cheap from your home airport. That said, if you're near a major airport (like JFK, BOS, LAX, etc.) you can sometimes get really lucky and find flights for half, or even a quarter, of their usual going rate. 

What are you loving lately?


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