Oct 18, 2015

Review: The Bliss Bar

If you've been reading the blog for a while (thank you!) you know that I am and always have been a big fan of food bars.

They're sweet, energy-sense, convenient, (can be) healthy, and super portable. What's not to love?

Unfortunately, you'd be surprised by how many food bars are hiding mile-long ingredients lists of less-than-healthy ingredients to lend them their candy bar-Raquel flavors and textures. 

That's why it's a real treat to discover a new energy bar that's plantbased with a simple ingredients list, just healthy fats, and minimal added sugars. 

The Bliss Bar fits the bill perfectly!

The Bliss Bar comes in five delicious flavors, three of which (my favorite three, of course) are chocolatey through-and-through!

Among the three chocolatey flavors (Amazon Chocolate, Chia Mulberry, and Chocolate Goji) I honestly can't pick a favorite. They're all delicious and the dense, sweet, disk-shaped bars taste like super fudgy brownies. But they come with a boost of natural energy, instead of a weighed down icky stomach feeling.

Just look at that! They're minimally processed and you can tell, because you can still see the nutritious dried fruits, seeds, and chopped nuts they're made with. 

The bars are true to their slogan (superfoods that taste like dessert)! Even the Honey Gold and Coconut Goji, which are based around other scrumptious flavors instead of chocolate, are really yummy.

And they're all made with just a few healthy, organic ingredients - plus love & light! 

Love & light, ingredients featured in every flavor of Bliss Bar, must be the secret behind the bars' great flavor and excellent nutritional profiles. 

Whatever the secret is, I hope they never change it! I have a new favorite bar!

Do you want to try the bars yourself? Use the coupon code LIVELEARNEAT for 10% off sitewide (EXP 12/31/16).

Have you tried the Bliss Bar?

What are your go-to snacks?

Do you like food/snack shopping online?


  1. So honored to nourish you Danai!!! You are correct Love and Light are the best ingredients for boosting flavor and vibrational nutrition. The other organic, wild harvested super plants from all over the world make it a full experience! Blessings! ~Keval Bliss CEO


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