Oct 28, 2015

Review: Food to Live Medjool Dates!

When I was little, I loved prunes. They were sweet and chewy and delicious, so I couldn't care less that (along with my beloved knitting) my big sister insisted that my love of the sticky snack meant I was secretly a senior citizen.

I still love prunes today, but I've also fallen in love with a new sticky and sweet dried fruit snack over the past few years.


Medjool dates are among my favorite types of dates and Food to Live medjool dates are my favorite brand to buy. Dates are nature's candy, a super sweet and nutritionally dense energy bomb that makes it easy for hikers, athletes, busy snackers, and plantbased eaters to get in enough calories and healthy sugars to keep energy levels up all day long.

They also taste like caramel, but are made of only one plant ingredient, are loaded with iron, are unprocessed (and, in the case of Food to Live medjool dates, organic), and are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, non-GMO, and naturally free of added sugar but packed with healthy natural chocolate!

Whir some dates into a smoothie, pack some in a little jar or Tupperware for a work or school snack, blend some with nuts in a food processor for the base of homemade energy bars, or stuff them with nuts and chocolate (I love almonds or peanut butter and dark chocolate chunks). There's no wrong way to enjoy them!

What are your favorite dried fruits?

What is your favorite way to eat dates?

What food did your siblings tease you for liking when you were little?

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