Oct 10, 2015

Review: Raw Chocolate Love

It's October and not only does that mean that it's now fall, but also the start of the unofficially official candy season! 

Let's face it, from when we start in on the Halloween candy to when we finish the last chocolates from our Christmas stockings, it's a solid three months of sweet indulgences. Wouldn't it be nice if there were healthier options that are as delicious as the highly refined, sugar-packed treats we grew up with?

There are!

I was on the hunt for a line of yummy chocolates that is creamy, sweet, rich, and indulgent, but plantbased, dairy-free, low in refined sugars, and features healthy fats instead of hydrogenated oils and butter. 

I found what I was looking for in NYC's local chocolate company, Raw Chocolate Love!

Free of preservatives, colors, additives, and animal products, Raw Chocolate Love is made in Ridgewood, New York and is kosher, gluten-free, low glycemic index, raw vegan, soy-free, high in antioxidants, and made with love!

As well as a few other healthful ingredients. I love how short the ingredients lists are as compared to the mile-long, chemical-laden ones typical of many conventional candies. 

Because they're preservative-free, they keep best in the refrigerate. But as long as you refrigerate the chocolates, they can last several months!

Assuming you don't eat them first. You'll be tempted to!

The chocolates all have high cacao percentages, maximizing the healthful benefits of cacao and keeping the sugar content low while the chocolate stays flavorful. But don't worry, not a single one of the bars is bitter or brittle!

There are many different flavors of bars, which is fun for the experimentative chocoholic. 

And there are gorgeous truffles that are perfect for gift giving! They come with a cute gift and make an excellent hostess gift for a Thanksgiving dinner or a great stocking stuffer.

They're also just delicious. My favorites are the ones that are filled with creamy, natural almond butter!

They're just perfect.

Do you prefer chocolate bars or chocolate truffles?

How often do you try to shop local during the holidays?

What are your favorite holiday treats?

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