Nov 4, 2015

5 Fun Fall Dates in NYC

Winter has always been a favorite season of mine, largely because I'm absolutely and completely obsessed with Christmas. Fall is a favorite of many, however, and it has grown on me as I've gotten older, too!

Have you heard of 'cuffing season'? It's a ridiculous term that I recently learned of to explain the spike in new relationships in the fall and winter seasons. Apparently, people avoid the higher electricity costs associated with cold weather and heating by finding significant others to...keep them warm.

That cat GIF may be slightly gratuitous, but when do we not love adorable animals being adorable? I always do.

Anyway, I think it's much more likely that any such 'cuffing season' seasonal correlation, if there is one, would be due more to people being more settled in the fall and winter (since many people travel in summer) and thus more willing to see where something new could go.

Whatever the reason, lots of people are looking for fun date ideas in the fall. And there are so many! Read on for five fun fall date ideas in NYC!
1. Climb trees in the New York Botanical Garden!

Miss climbing trees from childhood? Or maybe you completely missed out on climbing trees in childhood? No worries, the New York Botanical Garden offers tree climbing classes every fall!

It's a fun, silly, active outdoor date where you're sure to make lots of fun memories with your special someone and have a really great time!

2. Biking in Central Park!

Lots of people suggest this as a spring or summer date, but I think fall is the ideal time to go! Spring tends to be quite rainy in NYC and summer is too hot to really enjoy biking outside (at least most of the time and at least without sweating through your cute outfit).

Fall is cooler than summer and dryer than spring. Additionally, the foliage is absolutely stunning in Central Park in the fall!

3. Apple picking at a nearby orchard!

This one isn't technically in NYC, but there are plenty of apple orchards nearby and even a few that are accessible by train (generally via he Metro-North train and often a short taxi rude afterwards from the station to the actual farm).

The above is what a successful afternoon apple-picking looks like.

4. A Saturday picnic in Union Square!

Bring a picnic blanket from home and make sure you go on Saturday, not Sunday, so that you can stop by the Union Square Greenmarket and pick out yummy farm-fresh produce, homemade baked goods, artisan cheeses, and so on for your picnic!

From a picnic earlier this fall!
The weather is lovely in the fall, so it's perfect for enjoying the nice green Union Square park and all the farm-fresh goods at the market. What better way is there to celebrate harvest season?

5. A trip to the MoMA!

This one is specific to this fall (fall 2015) but there's currently a special Picasso Sculpture exhibit up through February! This month is the perfect time to go, because the museum is likely to be much more packed in November, December, and January when the holiday tourists are all in town. In February, there will probably be an uptick in visitors trying to catch the exhibit before it closes.

Since the exhibit has already been open for about a month and the eager early birds have passed through, now is the perfect time to go enjoy the exhibit in as close to peace as you'll ever be able to!

What are your favorite fall dates?

Have you noticed a seasonal pattern in your dating habits?

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