Nov 22, 2015

Choose This, Not That: Holiday Edition!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas Thanksgiving!

Okay - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, too.


But I'm trying to restrain myself from going too nuts (Christmas carols 24/7, decorations all over the place, daily Christmas baking, searching for the perfect gifts for all my loved ones, and just generally being a holly jolly elf) until Black Friday. It's a tradition for me to try to exercise a teeny-tiny bit of self-control until that hotly-anticipated Friday when I can dial it up to 95% and then December 1, when I can go 100% Christmas nuts.

I don't even participate in Black Friday shopping, but I'm always really excited for the day because it means Christmas is approaching!

so excited for christmas - so excited for christmas  Red panda

Anyway, the holiday season is a time of indulgence. Holiday indulgences are wonderful and I firmly believe in taking part, but over-indulgence doesn't feel good and doesn't do anyhting to increase our enjoyment of the season - quite the opposite, in fact!

Go for the indulgence on the big days and when you really want them, but when you're just looking for a bit of a festive feeling, try a healthy swap! Read on for three healthy holiday swaps that I recommend!
Go on a Christmas lights walk INSTEAD of meeting for drinks.

You can meet for drinks all year long. Whether it's a date or hanging out with friends, going on a Christmas lights walk is a more festive (and fun!) way to catch up!

You'll get fresh air, exercise, and a lovely holiday memory to hold on to all year. Christmas lights walks are so nice!

goodnessknows snack squares INSTEAD of week-old holiday cookies.

Holiday cookies are great the first day and maybe the second day. If they've been sitting on the counter for a week, however, it's unlikely that they're the delightfully satisfying treat that you crave at this time of year.

Eat the cookie when it's fresh and delicious and you want it, but when you're just looking for a convenient snack, keep walking past the counter and to the platter. This is where planning ahead comes in handy! Keep a favorite healthy snack or two on hand.

I like goodnessknows snack squares because they're as convenient as a cookie (more so, even, since they're individually packaged), but a better choice nutritionally. Each serving packs 100mg of naturally occurring flavanols (the good stuff in cocoa) and is filled with the great taste of nuts, dried fruits, and dark chocolate in every bite.

They come in three yummy flavors - apple, almond & peanut, dark chocolate; peach & cherry, almond, dark chocolate; and (my favorite) cranberry, almond, dark chocolate.

Cranberries and dark chocolate are just such an amazing combination, especially with almonds.

Alternating drinks INSTEAD of getting tipsy at a holiday party.

You're less likely to embarrass yourself, which is especially great if it's a work event or anywhere where people might have recording devices, like smartphones, that can post your drunken antics to a public site of information dissemination, like the internet. AKA any party in the 21st century.

Your liver will thank you, your host's beverage budget will thank you (especially if you're alternating with water), and your not-hungover self tomorrow morning will thank you. That's so much winning in one swap!

What are your favorite healthy swaps during the holidays?

What are your favorite holiday indulgences?

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