Nov 16, 2015

Review: Angelic Bakehouse

Fad diets, like Atkins, have carbs a bad reputation. Luckily it's becoming more and more common knowledge that carbohydrates are a really important macronutrient - they're our primary energy source! Healthy eating is not about minimizing carbs, it's about choosing healthy carbs.

Whole grains are a much better choice than refined grains for a number of reasons. Personally, I think they taste a ton better with their hearty nuttiness than bland and relatively tasteless paste-white refined grains. Beyond that, they are also full of satiating, digestion-regulating fiber, have the intact grain and thus still contain the healthy fats and proteins that naturally occur in the grain, and increased whole grain intake has been linked to a number of positive health outcomes.

Going one step further than whole grains for healthy carb selection, sprouted whole grains offer even more benefits! The sprouting process makes the grains more easily digestible and increases the availability of the naturally occurring vitamins in the grain to boost nutrition without adding anything artificial!

Angelic Bakehouse makes non-GMO, kosher, sprouted whole grain bread products - everything from breads to wraps to rolls to buns to wraps and even flattzas, a pre-made pizza crust! Everything is dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free and vegetarian, so they're suitable for a lot of different ways of eating!

I recently had the pleasure of trying a few of their breads, wraps, and flattzas.

We'll start at the wraps and work our way up to my favorite Angelic Bakehouse products.

I was pleased, and a bit surprised, by how pliable the wraps were. Often whole grain wraps, especially sprouted whole grain wraps, can he really stiff and tough to use to wrap up fillings or as a burrito. They get a thumbs up!

Next up are the flattzas.

Talk about making a healthy dinner night quick and easy! The flattzas come in both a single serving personal pizza size and  a larger whole pizza size. I like that the options make it easy to make a quick pizza just for yourself or for your family/friends, as well, if you're sharing dinner.

They're really firm and thicker than the wraps, though also flat, so they hold up quite well to any toppings. Just spread on some tomato sauce, sprinkle with your toppings and cheese of choice, and pop into the oven for a quick, healthy, balanced dinner that kids and adults alike will enjoy! 

The flattzas also get a thumbs up from me.

It should come as little surprise to longer-term blog readers (thank you!), however, that my favorites were the breads!

Both varieties that I tried, Sprouted Wheat and Sprouted 7 Grain, were hearty, soft but substantial, and great both plain and toasted.

The ingredients lists are mercifully short and the breads give you nothing more and nothing less than the good stuff you're looking for.

Any of their breads makes an excellent breakfast, lunch, or anytime snack choice. They get two thumbs up from me!

Do you prefer sandwiches or wraps?

Do you eat bread products most often as a breakfast, lunch, or snack food?

What are your favorite toppings to eat on bread?

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