Nov 12, 2015

Review: Bella Viva Orchards Gift Boxes

The holidays are just around the bend and with the holidays comes the gifting season. While many of us think of the December holidays (in particular Christmas) as the main gifting days, and I'm among those who feel that way, Thanksgiving is also a gifting holiday if you're attending someone else's holiday dinner!

Throwing a Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of time and effort. Showing your appreciation for your host's efforts by bringing along a thoughtful gift is not only a nice thing to do, but also encourages your host to continue hosting future Thanksgivings. 

My favorite thoughtful host/hostess gifts for Thanksgiving are gifts that are relevant to the dinner. Bringing a healthy, delicious, and prettily packaged option for pre-dinner munchies is thoughtful and helps your hosts out. I really like the Bella Viva Orchards Organic Gift Crate as that perfect present!

You can order it online, which is great if your pre-holiday days are packed with a work uptick, as I've noted always seems to be the case for me, and it arrives carefully packaged so that it looks as beautiful as if you picked the crate up straight from the organic farm in California yourself!

Featuring everyone's favorite superfood nut, organic raw almonds, as well as plump, juicy organic Thompson raisins, chewy organic dried apricots, and perfectly sweet organic yellow peaches, the mix of four is absolutely delicious and really healthy. 

If it isn't enjoyed on Thanksgiving (or if there are leftovers) it makes for great work snacks for your host when s/he gets back into the grind after the holidays.

The separately packaged snacks make a pretty color combination in the crate and the green bow makes it festive and as gift wrapped as you need! The crate itself is great, too. It is hand-crafted out of beautiful peach wood from an old peach tree in the Bella Viva Orchard in California and so nice that your host will keep finding uses for it year after year after year.

Great for you, for the environment, and for holiday cheer, I cannot recommend the Bella Viva Orchards Organic Gift Crate highly enough!

What are your Thanksgiving plans this year?

Do you bring host gifts?

What's your favorite host gift to bring? What's your favorite to get?

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