Nov 20, 2015

Review: Energems

The holidays can be a really busy time for us all, with gift shopping, decorating, hosting friends and family, hosting and attending parties, and just generally trying to pack as much fun as possible into just a few short weeks.

But let's face it - that's not the only reason we all battle exhaustion at some point or the other during November and December. Maybe it's necessary because no one will be working for multiple days, or maybe it's schemed because our bosses figure we have the days off to rest and recover, but somehow it always feels like work picks up both in intensity and length of the day right before the holiday break. 

So what do we do when we're overworked, we've played a little too hard, and sleeping more just isn't an option until the days off begin? We eat chocolate.

No, seriously.

Energems are the snack that picks you right up out of your mid-afternoon slump and powers you through to day's close. Best of all, each serving of Energems not only delivers an energy burst whose impressive effectiveness I can personally attest to, but each serving also comes in the form of what's basically three oversized (and absolutely delicious) M&Ms!

Energems come in three flavors (berry dark chocolate, mint dark chocolate, and - my favorite - dark chocolate) all of which are a lot more fun to eat than a cup of coffee is to drink. 

The ingredients lists are reasonably short and a whole lot better than what I'd get if I tried to make myself down one of those unfortunate smelling energy drinks.

Providing tired snackers with vitamin B + D, Energems are also a more nutritious way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

As the toughest pre-holiday workdays approach, I'm keeping some dark chocolate Energems in my handbag (and at my desk at work) to keep me going strong.

What are the busiest days for you around and during the holiday season?

What's your favorite sweet treat?

Do you prefer dark or milk chocolate?


  1. Thanks for sharing Danai. Love this line...a lot more fun to eat than a cup of coffee is to drink. We agree!!


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