Dec 7, 2015

#HowWeFamily with Tylenol!

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There's nothing quite like the holidays to bring families together.

Today even more than ever, a lot of families aren't always in the same place. Or even if we're physically in the same location, we're often worlds away with work, our electronic devices, and all the other things that keep us busy!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is that warm, glowing, loving family feeling that you can only have when you're together with, and truly present with, the people whom you love the most.

I think the Tylenol #HowWeFamily video is so touching, because it shares the stories of 11 real American families coming together for the holidays, including the family of spokesperson Gabrielle Union.

What family looks like is different for everyone. Some of us are born into our families, some of us build our families around us, and some of us have a mix of both or multiple families. Family isn't about who you love, it's about how you love!

I encourage all of you to let the holidays inspire you to focus on what truly matters. The baubles, flavors, decorations, gifts, and travels of the holidays are all absolutely wonderful. But what matters most is the invaluable time spent with loved ones.

We never know how long we will have with those we love, or when we will see them next, so we should take every opportunity to delight in the beauty of unconditional love!

How will you connect with your family this holiday season?

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