Dec 4, 2015

Review: Nibble Chocolate

It's December, so I'm officially in all-Christmas, all-the-time mode! AKA I'm incredibly happy and loving my favorite month of the year.

Today I want to share a great stocking stuffer for your chocoholic, health-conscious, and/or foodie loved ones!

Nibble Chocolate is organic, made with just two ingredients (organic cocoa beans and organic cane sugar) and hand-crafted in San Diego California!

Forget about GMOs, artificial flavors, chemicals, or anything else that you wouldn't want in your chocolate (or your body). Nibble Chocolate proves you don't need any of that to make delicious chocolate!

Nibble Chocolate comes in two cocoa levels 72% or 85% (I tried, and loved, 85% because I'm a the-darker-the-better sort of chocoholic) and four varieties.

The different varieties have slightly different flavors because of the notes in the different varieties of cocoa beans that they're made from.

My favorite was probably the Peru variety, because I love caramel and those slight caramel tones really brought out the richness of the creamy dark chocolate for me!

All varieties are delicious, however, and the bars come in cute little boxes of 9 Nibbles (what they call each of the chocolate squares, since they're meant to be savored), making them a perfect stand alone small gift for Secret Santa exchanges, coworkers, hosts and hostesses at holiday parties you attend. 

They also make a wonderful gourmet stocking stuffer!

Order them online here and enjoy free shipping throughout the USA on any chocolate flight purchase (4 bars or more).

What are your stocking stuffer favorites?

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?

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