Dec 11, 2015

Review: Pure7 Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is delicious and dark chocolate is the most delicious - as far as I'm concerned, the darker the better! Chocolate is an artisan food and there is a huge range in quality, taste, and nutrition from bar to bar, even within the same flavor or cocoa percentage. 

Why waste precious time and stomach space eating subpar chocolate? High quality chocolate has the potential to be delicious, indulgent, packed with healthy cocoa flavanols, and an all-around positive addition to your diet!

I recently had the pleasure of trying fair-trade, organic, paleo Pure7 dark chocolate from artisan chocolatiers Julie MacQueen and Carrie Raho.

Like me, they believe that healthy can be delicious and craft all of their bars without the use of chemicals, dairy, soy, gluten, and refined sugars. All ingredients stay under 110F throughout the process, to keep all the essential nutrients intact!

Trying to cut back on refined sugars during the holidays, or at least keep an eye on your intake? All of the varieties of Pure7 dark chocolate (with the exception of the stevia bar) are sweetened with honey, instead of sugar!

I tried the plain dark chocolate, sweetened with stevia, and loved it!

It's 92% cocoa, but the chocolate is creamy and not at all brittle or harsh. It's not too sweet and there's no weird sweetener aftertaste. The chocolate melts slowly on your tongue and is so rich, intensely chocolatey, and wonderfully satisfying that you will want to savor each bite. Just a little bit completely satisfies any chocolate craving!

I also really liked the packaging and think it makes a perfect hostess gift, Secret Santa present, or fancy stocking-stuffer. I love that each bar is wrapped with yarn! It's really cute and the stripes make it feel festive!

Check out Pure7 Chocolate online to explore the other flavors, including espresso, salted almond (that sounds delicious!), coconut & cherry, raspberry, and 100% dark. You can order a few bars of your own on the Pure7 Chocolate website, but warning - you might fall in love! 

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?

Do you have a favorite cocoa percentage? 

What are you hoping to receive as a hostess gift or  Secret Santa present this year?


  1. I can't have sugar, but it's such a temptation during the holidays! I also love using stevia to sweeten things. This looks like something I should look into. Mmmm! Dark Chocolate!


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