Jan 26, 2016

Happy National Green Juice Day!

Aren't national food days so fun? There's National Peanut Butter Day, National Sandwich Day, National Ice Cream Day and, today, National Green Juice Day!

Late January is a great time to have a national food holiday dedicated to healthier eating. A lot of us go into the new year with the intention to eat good food, do good things, and build a good life. But while all of that can become habitual over time, it can also be pretty easy to let life get in the way as we settle back into our usual routines.

Luckily, this National Green Juice Day we are all reminded that wellness isn't incompatible with having busy lives or not wanting to spend all afternoon cleaning pulp out of a juicer.

There are so many great commercial green juices out there for those of us who would rather get up early for yoga before work than get up early to press juice out of greens. It's all about picking the right juice!

Look for one without added sugars, colors, or unnatural chemicals. It should feature vegetables and fruits as its main components and, unless you already have a very low sugar diet and want the extra energy kick, vegetables should ideally be the first ingredients, followed by fruits.

One of my go-to juices at the moment is Evolution Fresh Sweet Greens and Lemon. It's readily available at Starbucks, making it super convenient for my go-go-go NYC lifestyle, and it's delicious, veggie-focused, and natural.

To celebrate National Green Juice Day, Evolution Fresh is offering a $1 off any green juice purchase. Just head over to their website to download the coupon - it's that simple!

But don't stop there. National Green Juice Day isn't just about getting in more of those essential leafy greens in a delicious and convenient way. It's also about the larger theme of returning to the healthy goals we set for ourselves at the start of the year to fill 2016 with a little more joy and wellness.

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How we 'do healthy' varies from person to person and all that really matters is that we do something. So this National Green Juice Day, I challenge you to have a green juice and pick one of the below (or any of your own) ways to refocus yourself on wellness!

* Go for a walk.
* Call a loved one and reflect on your blessings together.
* Light a candle, draw a hot bubble bath, and let your stress melt away. 
* Enlist a friend to join you for a new exercise class.
* Cook a balanced dinner in, if you usually eat out (this one gets bonus points by saving some money, too, if you do it regularly - can anyone say Caribbean wellness vacation? Check out my recipes tab for ideas to get you started!)

It doesn't matter what you do. Just do something! Check out how others are going to #TurnItAround and stop the slippery slide out of healthy habits on Instagram and Twitter!

How are you going to #TurnItAround?

What is your greatest obstacle to keeping healthy habits?

What is your favorite way to refocus on wellness? 

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