Jan 19, 2016

Review: Eat Me Guilt Free

Mondays are exciting.

No, really. I love the weekend just as much any other girl, but Mondays are exciting in their own right. You're coming fresh off the weekend into a whole new week to set and achieve new short goals and work on old long goals!

That said, 3pm on a Monday afternoon at the office can require a bit of a pick-me-up for most of us.

Eat Me Guilt Free blondies and brownies are the perfect solution to the afternoon energy crash. 

They're yummy and do a much better of keeping energy levels up for the second half of the afternoon than a normal brownie or blondie would!
They're conveniently individually wrapped, making them perfect for keeping in your bag or desk.

They're packed with 22 grams of protein, making them perfect for getting and keeping your energy levels up.

They're made of just a few simple, healthful ingredients and they skip the added sugars that lead to energy crashes, in favor of natural alternative sweeteners and flavorful, healthful ingredients like unsweetened cocoa (in the brownies) and roasted organic peanuts in the original blondies.

Now and then there are even special limited edition flavors, like the Birthday Cake Blondies, the Snow Kissed Blondies and the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Brownies, so snackers won't get bored.

But that's not much of a risk, anyway, given how delicious the original flavors are!

They're moist, sweet, not too sweet, and taste rich even though they're made of healthful ingredients that won't weigh you down. My favorite are, unsurprisingly, the brownies!

What is your favorite afternoon snack?

What is our favorite way to get protein?


  1. LOVE Eat Me Guilt Free products! My favorite was their Limited Edition Snow Kissed white chocolate blondie, but the regular blondies are the next favorite. Excited to try (and already pre-ordered) their new Birthday Cake blondies.


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