Jan 25, 2016

Review: Elli Quark (a.k.a. A Reunion with a Childhood Love)

Growing up as a half-German girl living in North Carolina, I loved having the best of both worlds:

Cool German summers and temperate winters in the American South.

German sweet treats, like Kinderschokolade and Nutella, and American peanut butter and trail mix.

German Weihnachtsmaerkte and American Halloween.

German linguistic freedom (anyone can build a word!) and uncomplicated English grammar.

Long American summer vacations and school to attend in Germany during those long summer breaks.

Rustic German breads and neon-colored American ketchup to amuse my German cousins with.

As the increasing global market brought more and more of my German favorites to me in the USA (I still fondly remember the year that Target brought Nutella in America to me - even if German Nutella tastes way better) the things that I couldn't get here stood out more and more. Key among them: quark.

Creamy Elli Quark
A soft cheese that is both low in lactose and fat, as well as high in protein and creaminess, quark was dairy that I could digest and I LOVED it. I still do! But it was, sadly, impossible to find in even international markets in the USA. Until now!
Elli Quark brings quark to the American market in twelve delicious flavors that come in convenient, single-serving cups. There's no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners in any of their quarks, even the flavored ones.

Elli Quark is all natural, non-GMO, and made from rBST-free milk.

Elli Quark is as practical to eat as my beloved Greek yogurt, but even more healthful (almost 15% more protein, which is great for vegetarians, like me) and delicious!

There are dessert flavors, like the indulgent Mint Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel, Bananas Foster, and Red Velvet.

There are fruity flavors, like strawberry, blueberry, cherry, pineapple, peach, and even lemon.

There's traditional vanilla bean, which pairs great with granola and raisins.

My absolute favorite of all the delicious flavors, however, is the plain! The high-quality, creamy quark that I grew up loving for breakfast every day shines on its own and is versatile as a snack, breakfast component, recipe ingredient, or even healthy basis of a bread spread or dip, like tzatziki! It's the perfect canvas for your favorite mix-ins and toppings.

I'm excited to have discovered Elli Quark and thrilled to find out that they're readily available at Whole Foods, Target, Fairway Market, ShopRite and more! But don't worry, mom, I still have many reasons to visit Germany.

Have you tried Elli Quark?

What is your favorite style of yogurt?


  1. LOVE Elli Quark! Especially the vanilla bean, strawberry, sea salt caramel, and cherry flavors.


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