Feb 28, 2016

Fit for Spring: A Go2Go Review!

Sometimes healthy habits can get lost in the hectic of work, the cozy cold of the winter, or the boredom of routine. Luckily, all it takes to return to healthy habits (and feeling our best!) is making the decision to do so! There are, of course, some things that can make that transition back to healthy living easier. Go2Go helps!

Go2Go is delivered daily in the evening (6pm for me) before, so that your food is fresh and ready for you, no matter how early you have to leave for work!

They're delivered in a cute, recyclable cardboard box, like an over-sized take-out container with a handy carrying handle. This is extra convenient for work days, because you can just leave your meals in the carton and carry them along to store in your work fridge that way!

Each day comes with a healthy lunch, dinner, snack, and fresh juice.

There are several plans that you can choose between. Whether you're a vegetarian, an athlete, or even ordering for a kid, Go2Go can be there for you!

That takes most of the work of food prep out of your day, but also leaves with the flexibility to choose what you want to eat for your third meal. It's a win-win! You are, of course, encouraged to choose healthy, natural foods for your third meal and to stay hydrated.
Go2Go focuses on making healthy eating approachable for those who are just starting to try to eat healthier, as well as manageable for healthy eaters who are busy or need a little healthy eating reset after a winter season of comfort food over fresh nutrition.

I love that there's a fresh juice and a yummy snack, because I like to have the juice as a mid-morning energy boost and the packaged snack in the mid-afternoon, to hold me over to dinner.

The green juice I enjoyed on the first day was delicious and filled with plantbased nutrition from the fruits and vegetables. It's best enjoyed cold!

I loved the ginger flax seed snack bar in the afternoon, as well. It was flavorful, sweet, and dense, so it was satisfying even though it was on the smaller side for a bar. It's paired with a banana and they made a great afternoon snack together!

One of the lunches was a refreshing fennel soup and a flavorful watermelon fennel salad with sunflower seeds. It was enough to satisfy and didn't cause the sluggish slump afterwards that a too heavy or large lunch can. 

The kale and chickpea stew for dinner was warm, filling, delicious, and exactly what I wanted after a long day and a chilly walk back home from the subway station after work. The Lentil Stew (on a different day) was delicious, too!

The meals are varied, flavorful, and certainly not like boring frozen dinners or the nutritious punishments people typically think of when they think of eating healthier.

The food is healthy, delicious, and definitely not boring!

I was really happy with the food and felt great and energetic all through the day on all the days! I loved how convenient, fresh, and delicious all of the food was. Everything could either be enjoyed as is or, at the most, needed 2-3 minutes in the microwave to be ready. For those who either don't like to or don't have much time to cook, especially on weekdays, Go2Go is a really great choice!

Have you tried Go2Go?

What are your favorite work lunches?

How often do you normally cook vs. eat out during the work week?

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