Feb 1, 2016

Review: Bulu Box

Subscription box services make a great gift (Valentine's Day, anyone?) because they're a fun gift that your loved ones will enjoy for months to come. Every time a box arrives in the mail, they get to think of you and smile!

In addition to that, there are lots of specialized subscription services, so you can find the perfect thing for your loved one. They'll get to try lots of new products related to their interests and get a new gift every month. That's pretty great!

I recently tried a Bulu Box. The experience starts with an excitingly decorated orange box. It's so stimulating! So inspiring! So exclamatory!

I think it's the all-caps. And that it reads like a slightly over-caffeinated fitness trainer. If Jillian Michaels were a cardboard box...

Inside is a layer of matching orange tissue paper. I think that's a nice touch in subscription boxes that are gifted, because it makes opening the monthly package feel like opening a carefully wrapped present!

Under the tissue paper is an assortment of ever-changing samples, all with a healthy living focus.

Need some energy and want something sweet? Check out the portion-controlled Energems for a caffeine kick in the form of a delicious dark chocolate candy!

You get to try all three flavors in the January Bulu Box - Dark Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate (my favorite), and Berry Flavored Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate isn't your thing, but you still need energy for that 6AM spin class and the thought of coffee pre-spinning makes your stomach turn faster rotations than your feet? Check out Pink Ice Energy, also in a convenient single-serving sample!

Trying to get better sleep by stepping away from the caffeine as the late afternoon rolls around? Try one of two delicious caffeine-free Teecino herbal tress for a relaxing hot drink that won't keep you up into the witching hours of the night!

I was also particularly happy to rediscover an old snack in the January Bulu Box. A Smart for Life Low Sugar Caramel Almond Protein Bar!

I enjoyed Smart for Life healthy snacks a few summers ago, after stumbling upon them, but eventually forgot about them. This was a nice reintroduction and they're as delicious as ever! 

Full of natural ingredients, whey protein, and no artificial sweeteners, these bars boast some of the lowest sugar contents (and really solid protein contents) for bars on the market at the moment. They're sort of like more solid Rice Krispie Treats in consistency, so great for those looking for Quest bar nutritional stats with a different texture!

My January Bulu Box experience was a positive one and I'll definitely keep them on my shortlist as a gift option for fitness-buff and health-enthusiast friends and family. Subscription boxes are such fun!

Have you tried Bulu Box?

What are your favorite gifts to give?

What are your favorite gifts to get?

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