Mar 2, 2016

Five Pies to Celebrate National Pie Day!

It's already March! Spring is coming (the official start this year is March 20), my birthday is coming, and, before either of those, Pi Day is coming! March 14, aka Pi or Pie Day, is a great excuse to bake a pie!

...or lots and lots of pies...

Here are five great pies to consider making this Pie Day!

Classic Southern Buttermilk Pie

I grew up in North Carolina and, though my family has since moved out of the South and I don't expect to have any personal connection to the South in the future, I still fondly recall the sweet, slow, summer (but really spring and fall, because summer is an unbearable sauna). This pie is as smooth and sweet as a southern summer Sunday!
Did you miss Girl Scout cookie season this year? Or perhaps you've already eaten up all of your Caramel deLites and are craving the chocolatey, caramelly, coconutty goodness of the best Girl Scout cookie, try thi pie!

Samoas Cookie Pie - Move over Girl Scout Cookies! The flavor in this easy, giant cookie is 100% spot-on!! Hello year-round cookie season!!

It's so good that I'll forgive the mislabeling as Samoas. They are Caramel deLites, not Samoas, and they will always be Caramel deLites!

Since Girl Scout cookies remind me of my days as a Girl Scout (I was a Girl Scout for twelve years!) and my childhood took place largely in North Carolina, this next pie returns to the slow summer days of the South. 

There are many things that I love about both the mid-Atlantic and New England, but the South is pretty great at desserts!

If you're not so into the fruity pies, chocolate chip cookie pie is always a crowd-pleaser!

Christy's Chocolate Chip Pie

The only dessert combo that's better than cookies and pie is ice cream and pie. Have them both in one with ice cream pie!

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream was my big sister's favorite type of ice cream when we were younger, but mine was Cookies 'n Cream and we regularly argued the respective merits of each. This pie has the best of both - and an Oreo cookie crust!

Or you can always make my apple pielemon meringue piepumpkin piepecan pie! The pecan pie is my favorite.

How are you celebrating Pi Day?

What is your favorite kind of pie?

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