Mar 29, 2016

Lessons from 22

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday!


Before I bid 22 adieu, here are 22 lessons I learned from being 22!

...okay, some aren't actually lessons, but rather just awesome things that happened when I was 22 or that I discovered. They still deserve a spot on this list!

1) Working from a windowsill beats working from a desk every time.

2) You don't always need a plan.

3) Coconut oil makes a great skin and hair moisturizer, as well as an excellent butter substitute in cookies. Basically, coconut oil is bae.
4) It is impossible to say (or type, or think) the word 'bae' without bursting into laughter.

5) There is beauty in every disaster if you look closely enough!

6) To-do lists never go out of fashion.

7) Doing laundry at 5am is the best way to make sure you'll get a free machine.

8) If you fold or hang up your clothes as soon as they get out of the dryer, you'll have so much less ironing.

9) It's okay to change your mind.

10) Sometimes it's better to say what you're thinking.

11) Facebook beats Craigslist for finding subleases and roommates.

12) Aluminum foil and parchment paper make clean-up so much easier.

13) Frozen mangoes taste amazing on a hot summer day!

14) Anything can change at any time, so enjoy it while you have it and change it if you don't enjoy it.

15) Editing is better in glitter gel pen.

16) Fennel tea and ginger tea are great for calming turning stomachs!

17) The NYC subway system will never ever function completely without delays.

...but at least it's often beautiful

18) Boston is beautiful in June.

19) Low battery mode on my iPhone makes it last so much longer!

20) Pink lady apples are the best apples.

21) Even when you're an adult, sometimes mother knows best.

22) Eye shadow makes a great lipstick!

What was your favorite age so far?

What lessons did you learn in the last year?


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