Mar 23, 2016

Review: BRAMI Beans

Do you know what the most protein-packed bean out there is? Hint: it's not a black bean. It's not kidney bean. It's not a garbanzo bean.

It's a lupini bean!

Have you heard of lupini beans? Unless you're from the Mediterranean, or familiar with Mediterranean cuisine, it's quite likely that you haven't. I hadn't!

Lupini beans are the most protein packed bean in the world and a snack favorite of Roman warriors. They're rich in fiber, as well, so an all around great snack!

BRAMI beans are non-GMO, gluten-free, low fat, low GI, soy-free, vegan, and conveniently packaged in 5 serving packets that are resealable (and should be refrigerated after opening). If you want a larger snack or want to make lupini beans the base of your meal you can eat the whole packet.

The beans are crunchy, firmer than usual beans, and not mushy - so you can eat them as a finger food snack out of a bowl, as you would almonds, rather than be limited to eating them with a fork, like the beans most of us are used to. Only they have way more protein than almonds!

They come in four great flavors. There's Sea Salt for those who love simplicity, Garlic & Herb for those who are into savory flavors, Hot Pepper for the daring, and Chili Lime for those who like a bit of tang. 

I thought Sea Salt would be my favorite. It was great (as were all three flavors that I tried) but I was surprised to find that one of the others trumped it for me!

The tang of the Chili Lime lupini beans was absolutely perfect! I'm a new BRAMI beans fan. 

I think that's plenty of reason to snack like a Roman! ...but let's not bring back conversational Latin.

What are your favorite sources of plantbased protein?

Have you tried Lupini beans?

What are your go-to snacks?


  1. Brami lupini beans are AWESOME and If I had enough WW Points to blow, I'd have another bag


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