Mar 16, 2016

Review: Kit's Organic

I love Luna Bars! They're made by women, for women and they're both vegan and (as of fairly recently) gluten-free, so they fit into many different healthy diets! They're as delicious as dessert, but as healthy as a busy millennial's snack ought to be. 

But this post isn't about Luna bars!

Kit's Organic is another line of delicious snack bars from Clif Bar, the healthy snack company that makes Luna Bars!

Like Luna Bars, Kit's Organic bars are vegan and dairy-free. But for those with soy sensitivities, or who just like to avoid much soy, Kit's Organic are the perfect choice. They're soy-free! 

The fruit and nut bars are made of just a few simple ingredients, combined in really delicious ways, and are, as you could probably have guessed from the name of the line, certified organic!

All of the flavors were delicious. Three feature dark chocolate, for those wanting a more dessert-like snack, two are pure nutty goodness (the Cashew and Peanut Butter bars) and one is delightfully fruity - the Cherry + Pumpkin Seeds bar!

Kit's Organic Cherry + Pumpkin Seeds Bar
The bars are chewy, delicious, and delightfully sweet without any added sugars. They're a great choice for busy adults, sporty teens, and rambunctious kids alike!

What are your favorite snack bars at the moment?

Do you prefer fruit + nut, granola, or protein bars?

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