Apr 28, 2016

Style: Florals and Fitting Out

Fashion isn't just about clothing. I'm not an egg short of a full carton, I just mean that while clothing is, of course, part of fashion, you're not done once you've picked out the clothes for your outfit. 

In other words, clothing is necessary for great style, but not sufficient. Accessories finish a look

Accessories are all too often overlooked because, unlike pants, no one is going to raise an eyebrow if you forget them. You'll feel under-dressed if you forget to put on a shirt one day, but the same usually doesn't apply for a bracelet.

But, like lingerie, your accessories can change how you feel in your outfit and throughout your day. 

It's great when other people appreciate our style, but most important is that we appreciate our own style and that it makes us feel good and comfortable in our own skin.

For me, my favorite accessories are like a scrapbook that I wear. It's not about what's the glitziest or trendiest jewelry out there, it's about what makes me smile and think of the special people who have touched my life in various ways.

My favorite necklace (close up above) is a simple leather string with a handcarved soapstone 'D' on it from my Sekuru ('grandfather' in Shona), from Zimbabwe. My favorite earrings are a lovely simple red pair from my first special Valentine's Day and a pair of turquoise turtles from an evening market stroll in Hawaii.

Shoes aren't as often associated with specific memories, but I love my sparkly pink Toms! They fit my personality and my approach to life so well and I love walking through my days on sparkles and happiness. This is actually my second pair! They stopped making them, so it took some effort to get a pair after my first ones wore out (from wearing them everywhere, always) but it was so worth it.

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