Apr 22, 2016

Style Post: Springing Towards Summer

The temperatures are warming up and our wardrobes are switching from wintertime drab to springy fun! I love dresses and I love feeling free and light, with swishy skirts for twirling and bare arms for cartwheeling.

I'm spending this summer in Boston and I can't wait! I had a trip out to Boston a week ago for a fun shoot and we stumbled upon this fun hot pink scaffolding in Chinatown. It was the cutest scaffolding I've ever seen in my life and paired wonderfully with this gingham and daisy dress from ASOS!

With a bright, happy welcome like that, I can't wait to return to Boston in just a few short weeks and make it, once again, my warm weather home!

One of my absolute favorite trends of 2016 so far is the bare shoulder look. From off-shoulder tops to shoulder cutouts, it's such a fun, cute trend that it's one of my favorites in many years!

I remember seeing the trend first when I was much younger, probably a decade or so ago, when I was flipping through some vintage fashion photos. Luckily, fashion is quite circular and this fun trend is finally back!

It will probably be a bit too brisk to wear cute summer dresses like this one for a while still, especially in chilly Boston, but the temperatures will be there soon enough (and then we'll all be praying for a break from the sweltering heat). For now, I'm enjoying spring dresses with cardigans and looking forward to the seasonal fashion changes that will come soon enough.

I loved this dress with these cute TopShop DANI Laser Vamp Sandals!

I love to walk! That's probably a not insignificant reason why I'm a converted city girl, despite coming from a quiet town in South Africa and then growing up mostly in suburban North Carolina. As an avid walker - it's seriously one of my all-time favorite pastimes - I'm very picky about footwear. I was thrilled that these are cute and comfortable!

After all, of what use are shoes if you can't jump and run and skip and dance in them?

T-3 weeks until my Boston summer begins!

Don't worry, I'll pack a sweater.

Side note: Game of Thrones starts again this Sunday! Ahh! I'm sure HBO subscriptions are spiking dramatically right now - Game of Thrones is literally the only reason I have HBO.

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Photography by Catherine Threlkeld
Makeup by Nicole Baglione


  1. You look amazing ❤️ ❤️ ❤️!! I am from Boston! Where did you find this scaffolding? I would love to visit!


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