Apr 4, 2016

Top Ten Kitchen Essentials

Every time I move or even just cook in someone else's kitchen, I am reminded of what a huge difference a well-stocked kitchen is!

Fortunately, I've never been anywhere near this desperate.
If you're still moving a lot, don't cook that often, or don't want to spend a lot on kitchen supplies, you can get away with skipping some of the fun extras, like food processors and rice cookers, as long as you have these ten kitchen essentials!

1) Cutting Board.

Some people like to get at least two cutting boards (one for meat/fish and one for produce/grains), but at least one good cutting board is absolutely necessary! I can't imagine how one could possibly cook without one, unless everything is pre-prepared (and buying only pre-chopped ingredients is such an expensive, wasteful, and packaging-heavy way to cook).

I highly recommend wooden cutting boards, because then you know there are no icky chemicals rubbing off into your food. If you take good care of your wooden cutting board(s) it/they can last forever!

2) Knife Set.

Good knives are expensive and are so, so, so fun too cook with. But if you're on a budget, moving a lot, live with roommates, or just don't cook enough to justify the cost to yourself, a cheap knife set from Ikea will do (that's what I have at the moment, since I live with roommates, and I make it work).

3) High-Speed Blender.

VitaMixes are obviously the dream, but their $400-$800 price tag is far from ideal. Unless you're making cream soups, produce-packed smoothies, nice cream, dips, or homemade nut butters everyday, I recommend the Ninja system.

It has its quirks and limits, but I've been pretty happy with mine for a few years!

4) Wooden Spoon.

Wooden spoons are equally handy in cooking and baking. You can use them for most things that need mixing, they're sturdy, and they can last for ages if you take good care of them!

I got a super cute one from my mom this Christmas! Have I mentioned that she's the best? For so many reasons, she is all of the awesome.

5) Electric Mixer.

Electric mixers are more of a must-have for bakers than cooks, in my opinion, but good luck trying to make a super fluffy cake or meringues without one!

6) Grater.

Parmesan. Carrots. Zucchini (especially if you want to jump on the zoats wagon).

Koziol Kasimir Grater, $14.40

Graters are generally pretty cheap and they're very useful!

7) Tea Kettle.

Zeppy, $22.10
I suppose this varies more from person to person, but I love tea and so it is a no-brainer for me. Even if you don't drink tea or instant coffee, tea kettles can come in handy for anything you might need hot water for! 

I love electric tea kettles, because they're so much faster and more convenient.

8) Pot Holders.

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you ever want to remove anything from an oven, or even touch the hot handles of an all-metal pot, you're going to need pot holders.

It's just not good for your kitchen towel (and chances are, for your hands) to try to use it as a replacement pot holder!

9) Measuring cups and spoons.

Making old favorites is fun, but if you want to try new recipes (or even just write down a recipe for something you made) you'll need a set of these!
Pier 1, $8

I use mine so much, since I find them even more useful in baking than cooking (and baking is my favorite.

10) Colander.

You obviously need one if you're a pasta fan, but even if the last thing you ever want to cook is pasta, a colander is so handy!

Washing fruits and vegetables is so much easier with a colander.

What would you add to your kitchen essentials list?

What gets the most use in your kitchen?

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