May 30, 2016

Style Post: Behind the Scenes

Happy Memorial Day! I have some work to do today, but also lots of fun to have. Hopefully you are all busy with fun Memorial Day activities, so this is a quick post - some behind the scenes shots from a shoot last week!

Bryan Alexis brushing a bit more 'fro into my halfro. I seem to be incapable of keeping a straight face between shots, but why bother when smiling is so fun?

Malaysian makeup artist Mea Sukri touching up my makeup on location!

Mea Sukri touching up my hair for a second beauty shoot. 

For extra fun, here's a video clip of the making of a typical walking shot:

Summer in Boston is so fun so far!

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Photographer: Vania Arroyo
Stylist: Bryan Alexis
Makeup Artist: Mea Sukri


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