May 16, 2016

Style Post: Seeing Stars

Do you remember that cute eShakti coat I posted about last year? eShakti doesn't just make custom fit and super chic outerwear. They also make really cute customized dresses!

I liked the original version of this dress when I saw it on their website, but it was still pretty chilly in NYC, so I swapped to long from short sleeves. 

I also swapped the scoop neck for a high neck, because I think they look so nice on mini dresses. 

I love that you can start with a design that you like and adjust it to get exactly the dress that you want!

The dresses can also be customized for skirt length, so you can go mini, midi, or maxi, depending on your preferences. 

I've so often seen a midi dress that would be cuter as a mini or a mini dress that would be cuter as a maxi, so I'm a huge fan of that feature!

But style doesn't stop with just the dress. I paired it with black tights and sparkling shoes and jewelry to match the starry theme!

This necklace was a Christmas gift from my dad last year and it fit the outfit perfectly!

The matching earrings work well, because they're small.

I like accessories, but I firmly believe that 'too much' is a real, and all too easily reached, thing. I won't pair big, dangling earrings with a long necklace. Small earrings, a long necklace, and no other jewelry is perfect!

Photography by Guido Koppes
Makeup by Gabrielle Dalrymple

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