May 21, 2016

The Old and The New

Life is full of old things that appear in our lives in new ways. Sometimes we re-purpose old belongings, sometimes we re-visit old places, sometimes we try new versions of old things.

I love the old-new combination and here are some of the old-new things in my life right now!

Old jacket, new shoes -

Remember this jacket from last year? Pairing it with new pieces makes it more fun and great for late spring/early summer in Boston!

The gold sneakers give it some warm weather pizzazz.

Old sweetener, new flavor -

NuNaturals makes really great stevia products that I've been a fan of for years. They've recently added some other great cooking and baking ingredients to their line up, including a green banana flour that is great for making healthier pancakes and a dutch pressed cocoa powder that I paired with their (no aftertaste!) stevia to make this yummy chocolate green smoothie.

Just two heaping tablespoons of NuNaturals Cocoa makes drinking my daily greens so delicious!

Old city, new view - 

I loved coming back to Boston (my college city) last summer and I'm lucky to be back, and for longer, this year! I absolutely love Boston.

How can you not love having that view every day? This summer is starting so well!

Old headphones, new music -

I like to add music to everything that I can.

Add music to cleaning? Cleaning party. Add music to packing? Packing party. Add music to getting ready? Getting ready party. Add music to cooking? Cooking party. Add music to walking around? My life feels like a movie and I have the starring role. Music is the best!

I still love some of my old favorites, of course, but I"m also a huge fan of Alessia Cara, some of Twenty One Pilots' music, and Drake's One Dance at the moment!

Old interest, new work -

I love writing and I've always loved writing. I need to be creative pretty much every day in some way to be truly happy!

Recently I've started working on a new project in a new genre and it's a big challenge, but a lot of fun!

What is one old new thing in your life right now?

What are your favorite new songs or artists?


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