Jun 8, 2016

Review: Degustabox

I love trying new foods and will try most (vegetarian) foods once. How great would it be if new foods just showed up in our pantries to try whenever we wanted?

UMM YES Grumpy Cat

Degustabox makes basically exactly that happen! Degustabox is a subscription service that delivers 10 to 15 new foods to your doorstep every month. Unlike other subscription box services, these foods aren't just new to you - they're new to the market!

Best of all, you actually save money by using Degustabox to try new foods. You get the same products for less than they cost in the shops!

Degustabox has a nice mix of products - drinks, like bottled ciders:

Cooking ingredients, like coconut oil:

Snacks, like flavored popcorn:

Candy, like sour Haribo:

...and Honees filled cough drops:

Savory snacks, like nuts:

Degustabox is a fun, affordable way to try new foods regularly and I recommend it as both a gift to give and a gift for yourself!

How often do you try new foods?

What are you favorite snack foods?

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