Jun 5, 2016

Style Post: How to Rock Any Outfit

Summer in Boston is absolutely beautiful! This is the second summer in a row that I've been lucky enough to have a change of pace and leave my (beloved) NYC temporarily for the quieter, quainter city of my college days. 

Boston is often cooler in the summer than NYC, but we had a heat wave recently and we Bostonians - I can call myself that for the summer - took advantage of it to break out our fun warm weather fashion! 

It's easy to pull off any look, even daring summer looks with these simple tips.

Don't forget about your face. It's part of your outfit! If you're wearing makeup, make sure that it works with your outfit! I love how the dark red lip pairs with the orange top - I wouldn't pair a pink lipstick, for example, with this look.

Don't forget about accessories! An outfit isn't fashion until you accessorize.

My personal accessories policy is that it isn't about dripping in gems or being covered in huge, bright necklaces and bracelets and countless rings. I like to pick just a few pieces, but make sure that they're pieces that I really like and that add something to the look.

A spiky bracelet instantly edges up any look!

High socks are fun, too! If I weren't always speed walking/running everywhere, because I get really excited about where I'm going and just want to be there sooner, heels are also a fun way to dress up a casual look and make it fashionable.

Ultimately, of course, the key to looking great in anything is confidence.

As a model, I wear outfits that I wouldn't have picked for myself all the time. I learned, early on in my modeling career, that it's really not about wearing an outfit that you feel comfortable in. It's about being comfortable with yourself and knowing that you can pull off any look! Because guess what?

You can.

Put on whatever your heart desires, accessorize as you please, pair it with a fun lipstick, and own the look!

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Photographer: Vania Arroyo
Stylist: Bryan Alexis
Makeup Artist: Mea Sukri

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