Jun 14, 2016

Style Post: Modern African

I am half-German, half-Zimbabwean and from South Africa. Now NYC and Boston are home!

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel around the world and experience many different cultures and ways of life. The people I have met and cultures I have experience inform my own perspectives, as well as influence how I cook, how I tell stories, and how I dress!

African Fashion

Style is all about self-expression and I love to mix cultures in how I dress, just as I do in almost every aspect of my life!

Fashion Blogger

African patterns and cuts, like this skirt, pair organically with urban items, like this top. It's a fusion that's meant to be!

Street Style

The necklace, earrings, and loafers pull the outfit together for a more chick look!

African Street Style

Mixing patterns, colors, and styles is such a fun way to make fashion our own. 

African Fashion Blogger

Especially in cities, it's becoming more and more okay to stand out.

Black Fashion Blogger

Be individual, wear what you want, and never worry about what others might think. Life is too short to stick to wear boring clothes out of fear - and that applies to so many other things, too!

Beautiful Mixed Girl

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Photographer: Vania Arroyo

Stylist: Bryan Alexis
Makeup Artist: Mea Sukri

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