Jun 20, 2016

Style Post: Vamp It Up

Dressing up is super fun and, though I wear little to no makeup most days, doing the girl thing and wearing a complete look sometimes can be so fun!

In general in makeup, I love a bold lip and emphasized eyes, with just very light skin stuff.

I am very lucky to have clear skin, so I never really wear anything on my skin when I do my own makeup, but I also think that the eyes and mouth are two of the most interesting areas on our faces and I love to play them up when I do bother to get all dolled up!

In my opinion, if you're going to spend more than five minutes on your makeup it should be a focal point of your look. Whenever I wear a complete makeup look, I like to wear my hair up (or pull it back, at the very least) so that it doesn't distract from the look.

A simple LBD, a smoky eye, and a vampy red lip make for a perfect date night or girl's night out look!

What are your favorite makeup looks?

How often do you wear makeup?

Photographer: Vania Arroyo
Stylist: Bryan Alexis
Makeup Artist: Mea Sukri

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