Aug 30, 2016

5 Reasons Why I Liked The Secret Life of Pets

'The Secret Life of Pets' is no 'Inside Out' or 'Frozen,' but it got a lot of flack from critics and I don't think that was at all warranted! I would say it's not that far under 'Finding Dory,' the other big animated release of the summer, in terms of quality and both my sister (11yo) and I enjoyed it!

The Secret Life of Pets

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If you were excited to watch the movie and now put off by the poor reviews, read on for five good reasons to give 'The Secret Life of Pets' a shot, after all!

1) The sidekicks are hilarious.

The main characters are cute, even though they could be a bit more compelling at times, but the sidekicks in this movie are my favorite!

From Kevin Hart's adorably bonkers bunny to the rock-and-roll poodle and the self-absorbed house cat, they're the funniest and best parts of the movie!

2) The faces are hilarious.

I'll let a picture explain this one:

3) There's a feel-good moral.

Max starts off wanting his owner's affection all to himself, but Duke's arrival teaches him that we choose our families and can grow them without ever spreading our love too thin.

4) The art is cute.

It's not Disney's Pixar - aka my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE animation art in the world, but the pets are still super cute!

I'm less impressed with the buildings and, in general, the world that they live in and travel through. But the pets are cute!

5) It's set in NYC.

It only took two years to turn me into a New Yorker at heart.

New York

I now have a serious soft spot for movies set in NYC and this animated film didn't fail to make me a little bit homesick for NYC!

Have you seen 'The Secret Life of Pets'? What did you think?

What are your favorite animated movies?
 For me, it's hands-down 'Inside Out.' I'm actually quite certain that 'Inside Out' is my favorite movie overall, animated or not.

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