Aug 24, 2016

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Cambridge

I just moved back to Cambridge, MA and, while I already miss NYC and hope to live there again someday, there are many great things about living in Cambridge!

Cambridge is a very green city and also very close to Boston, in case you want the downtown city sort of feeling! There are many different squares in Cambridge - Harvard, Central, Kendall, and more - and each one has its own character and is complete with its own cute cafes, boutiques, and neighborhood quirks! For someone who doesn't have a car (me) it also has green public transit and lots of bike paths.

If you have decided to move to Cambridge, too, read on for five handy things to know before your move!

1) It's a university town.

With many universities in Cambridge and Boston, the cities are full of young people, academics, and artists. People are friendly and it's easy to meet new people, so don't be afraid to say hi to a stranger!

2) Most places don't have A/C.

If A/C is important to you - and Boston summers get really hot - be sure to check if your place has A/C. You can't assume that it will, like you might be able to in some southern cities! If it doesn't, consider buying a window unit or renting one for the summer months.

3) The subway is more efficient and reliable than the buses.

Keep this in mind when you're picking a place to live! For example, if you work near the red line, try to live near a red line stop. If you find yourself living somewhere that is only accessible by bus, that will add quite a bit of time to your daily commute.

4) There's a law-mandated $0.10/bag bag fee in all shops.

If you want to do something nice for the environment, and save what adds up to a reasonable amount of money over a year, buy a few reusable bags and get in the habit of using those when you shop!

5) It's easy to find a place, but rent isn't cheap.

In comparison to NYC, rent in Cambridge is okay. In comparison to the rest of the US, however, it's expensive! It's not hard to find a free room, since students are constantly graduating and moving out, but with the high rents of the city, most people have roommates. Consider finding one through a university network!

What are your favorite and least favorite things about your city?


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