Aug 21, 2016

Travel Wrap-Up: My Trip to Germany!

Tomorrow I start my new job at a tech startup in Cambridge, MA! I've already moved into my new apartment and love it. The location is great, my roommate is really nice, the common spaces are lovely, and (for the first time in a while) I've finally taken the time to really decorate my room in a way that reflects my personality and makes me happy!

I have a cat hanging from my light switch! So yes, I love my new home. I'm also so excited to start my new job tomorrow and learn a lot!

Before that, here's a photo dump post of some beautiful images from my summer vacation with my family in Germany! I'm already looking forward to visiting them again next summer. <3 p="">

I love strolling around the Schloss Derneburg property!

It's so beautiful. I had the most lovely walk with my mom there!

The fishermen's houses are so quaint, too! I think they should renovate them and lease them out as apartments - I'd love to live in a cute place like that someday!

Meet Hans! He's a gift for a very special person.

I love the fields and forest behind my grandmother's house!

They're so peaceful.

Another perfect place for a walk!

To follow along on my new adventures in Cambridge, MA in real time, follow me on Instagram @danaikadere!

What field do you work in?

What is your home decorating style?

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